When you finish your internship, leaving China will make you sad. Especially leaving Chengdu is really hard, because the city is so incredible you will feel that you have not discovered everything. Let me explain you what I have done on my last day in Chengdu.

On the morning, I decided to go back to the Panda Base, I think this place is incredible because I truly love animals. If you go there, you will see many Giant Pandas et many Red Pandas.

After spending some time watching the pandas sleeping, I went to People’s park with my colleague and friend – Hannah. We walked around the park, saw some women dancing, and went past placards of single Chinese people who are looking for love, it was very interesting to see.

Then we decided it was time to eat the lunch, because we were both really hungry. We went to a lovely vegetarian buffet. The watermelon and the noodles were delicious!

When we finished eating, Hannah took me to Kuanzhai Alley, a street full of souvenirs shops! She knew I had to buy some before leaving. This area is ideal if you are looking for some Chinese souvenirs – you can find everything you want, traditional clothes, plush pandas, tea… there is something for everyone’s taste!

This day was very hot, so after the shopping session, we went to a very beautiful Bookshop named Fangsuo in Taikooli, the shopping area of Chengdu. This bookshop is incredibly big, very modern and beautiful. When Chinese people are too hot outside, they come to take a rest and enjoy the AC.

When we rested enough, we decided to visit Daci Temple. This temple is in the middle of the shopping area of Takooli, which makes it a very original place to visit: such a peaceful place in the middle of the crowded and busy city. This temple is worth the trip!

After visiting this temple, it was already late, so I went back home to sleep before the big departure!

That is how my last day visiting Chengdu happened: visiting beautiful places, eating good food with a great friend.

Doing an internship in Chengdu was such a great experience, I am pretty sure I will come back in the future! So, if you have to opportunity to live what I have lived, please go for it without any hesitation!