Tired of the slow trains in Europe? Come and intern in Chengdu to feel the speed of China. Within the recent ten years, public transportation in Chengdu has dramatically developed due to improvements in road construction and city planning. Citizens are now capable of accessing a comprehensive public transport system to get them wherever they want. There are some suggestion of transports that you will need during your internship in Chengdu.

1.Metro-line in Chengdu city

The construction of the Chengdu Metro started in 2010, and now it has become the most frequent use of public transportation in Chengdu. Since now, it has six lines with a total length of approximately 226 kilometers. These metro lines operate as a spider web that can easily transport people to any place in Chengdu.


More importantly, due to the newly constructed metro-line, the speed is appealing, which only takes around one hour from the city center to suburbs. Therefore, it is an optimal choice when you want to save time on public transportation travel. But be aware! Prepare yourselves during your internship at two time slot to embrace the crowds: 8am and 6pm!

2.Public bus

Public bus is well-developed in Chengdu in both urban and suburban areas. Due to its convenience and inexpensiveness, public bus is often the optimal choice for short distance travel.

You might notice there are some yellow seats in the center of buses, which are called ‘priority seats for the old and disability’. It is known that Chinese people attaches importance to etiquette, so it is essential to remember these unwritten rules and get involved in local culture when starting your internship in China.

3.DiDi Chuxing

Have you heard about DiDi Chuxing? Well, it is the largest ride-hailing company in China, so basically it is an alternative version of Uber, specifically target on the Chinese market. It offers various ride-hailing services, including a shared journey with strangers, fast speed service, taxi service and luxury service cars. Therefore, you can flexibly choose different services depending on different situations during your internship.


4.Shared bicycle

As the awareness of healthy life and environment-friendly travel has been raised, the bicycle sharing program has made a huge success in Chengdu since the end of 2016. You can easily found some colorful shared bicycles in every street. The benefits of sharing bicycle are obvious. It reduces the emissions of carbon dioxide, lessens the pressure of other public transportation and helps people to exercise regularly, so it has become a trend in Chengdu. During your interns in China, the best choice would be a shared bicycle when you encounter the rush hours and heavy traffic jams.



5.Electric tricycle

Except for hotpot and panda, the electric tricycle is one characteristic element of Chengdu, especially in suburban areas. The shape of a electric tricycle in Chengdu is like a carriage, but it is driven by a bicycle instead of a horse. It is featured with comfortable seats, shelters and cheap price; therefore, it is suitable for short-distance sightseeing beyond internship periods. Before the emergence of DiDi and sharing bicycles, the electric tricycle was quite popular, but now the number of electric tricycles has been greatly declined.



In general, the public transportation in China is well-connected and developed, you can freely choose between various types of transportation depending on your internships!