If you are really interested in Chinese culture, you can’t miss Jinli Street during your internship in Chengdu.

The whole country of China is full of Tradition and History, and every city has its own traditional streets. For example, you may have already heard about the Hutong in Beijing. So, if you are doing an internship in China, do not hesitate to check if there is some traditional street close to you.

Jinli Street is one of the best traditional streets in the city of Chengdu.

Doing an internship in China is not just about learning more about Chinese business industries, it is also to live the culture, to know more about ancient architecture and traditions. Did you know that Jinli Street is the original place where the Ancient Southern Silk Road began? That’s a very interesting fact for Chinese History lovers. You will also be happy to know that you will admire some traditional architecture from the Qing and the Ming Dynasties.

In Jinli street you will have the chance to taste many Chinese snacks and also to buy a lot of souvenirs for you and your family. Chinese people really like to chill in this street during the afternoon, drink a bubble tea, buy some postal cards, eat snacks…

I would recommend you to go in the late afternoon, even in the evening, when the temperature is lower than in the middle of the afternoon. Also, in the evening, the scenery is very beautiful as the lights on the roofs are on.

Around the street, there is a traditional park you can visit, and Wuhou Temple is also very close.

If you are interested in visiting this area, I would recommend you to go a whole afternoon, starting by visiting Wuhou Temple, than walk in the beautiful park when the sun is still up, and finally to go to Jinli Street to eat some traditional snacks and buy some souvenirs from your internship experience in China.


Location: 231 Wuhou Temple Main Street

Distance from city center (Tianfu Square):3 km