Project Description

Prosegui la tua carriera e guadagna esperienza professionale partecipando a uno stage retribuito in Cina presso una delle nostre migliori aziende, aventi sede in una delle città con il più rapido sviluppo al mondo – Chengdu. Offriamo posizioni lavorative in diversi settori tra cui marketing, pubbliche relazioni, business internazionale, commercio internazionale, finanzia e molto altro!



Our interns have the opportunity to experience working and living in the heart of China while we care for all of their logistical needs. From preparing for your arrival in China until your departure, our team is always available to help resolve any issue – not only as customers but also as friends.



NO Risk Involved

We guarantee that we will find a position for you based on your experience, goals, and availability…OR YOUR MONEY BACK


Monthly Stipend

Over 70% of our business partners provide between 1000-3000 RMB monthly as a stipend!



We offer intern housing for our business interns but you’re welcome to find your own apartment too!



We personally care for each and every one of our interns. Each intern has direct access to the directors of the program so that we can assist them with whatever needs may come up.

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Why Choose Us

      • We are REAL, GENUINE people
      • We REALLY DO care about our interns
      • We do our best to find the right position for you
      • We build community together
      • We HAVE FUN!

What Interns Say

I had a great time in Chengdu, the internship was very inteesting and exciting. I had problems with the VISA sometimes but SII and my colleagues always found a solution. Through SII, I got contact with the other trainees in the city very easily. There are so many highlights that it is difficult to point out just one. I met many people and make many friends, I was also able to travel a lot which was very cool. Throughout, it was a lifetime experience.
Daniel, SII
Even though I thought coming to China will be a challenge and I set minimum expectations, it turned up to be one of the best decisions I have made.

The company that SII guided me towards is a fountain of learning and is fun.

Moreover, discovering the Chinese culture, the wonderful people and some breathtaking landscapes left me with only one thing to say. Go to China and you will see the world with different eyes.

Albert, SII
I had a great stay in Chengdu thanks to the SII’s staffs like Lily, Aline and Royi, of course. Most of all, I had a blast within my internship. The mission was interesting and my mentor was very thoughtful.
Dalphine, SII