Tobe equipped with some latest info about Chengdu can be very useful before coming for internship. But what’s more important is to find out the artery of urban development in China and understand better how to choose the right position and industry for your international internship.

Chengdu is a big city covering an area of 14605 square kilometer,with15million people. It’s divided into several districts. Today we are going to take an adventure of the high tech-zone district and to witness the rapiddevelopment of Chengdu.

High tech zone is one of most important project of government under construction in south-west area of China. Many worlds’ top 500 companies as well as numerous start ups are all with presence there. It attracts talents from all over the world who are looking foropportunities in IT, finance, import or export, international trade, digital marketing and many more.


How is it like to work in the High-tech zone as an intern?

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High Tech Zone in Chengdu

Tianfu Software Park is Asia’s largest specialized business IT park and one of China’s first 10 national software industry bases

Tianfu software park is getting operational since 2005 and has been the fastest-growing professional software park in China, with a total of more than 400 renown domestic and international companies.including IBM, Cisco, EMC, Philips, Dell, Huawei, TenCent, etc.

There are a lot of IT related companies such as Online game companies, programs developers which can provide foreign interns many opportunities to gain some real working experience. To work in a professional company there would be very helpful to open the door for understanding the IT industry in China.


Find the best internship in the Incubation Park

tianfu software park

Tianfu Software park

The Park, covering an area of nearly 5000 square meters, plays an import role in promoting the transformation of scientific achievements, fostering clusters of small and medium-sized innovation-oriented companies.The open policy and full support in technology and finance cultivates many successful entrepreneurs. For the need to open international markets, they have a strong demand for many excellent interns.

To working in one of those company, no matter in which area, you will work with a group of young people who are full of passion for their job and you can feel the creative and energetic environment.

High-tech zone would be a good option when thinking of having an internship in an international company in Chengdu. It meets interns demands of different function because of the diversity of Companies.

Moreover, with the planning idea of “garden-style CBD”, the entire area is interspersed by green trees and greatly reducing the sense of pressure given by concrete buildings and meanwhile adding a touch of vitality. So, you will never need to worry if it would be too more stressful for your internship!