As one of the interns getting his internship in China through SII, Mathieu is from France. He used to study in China for 6 years and then went back to France. However, he’s always feeling there is a special bond between himself and China. After returning to France, he decided to come back China for an internship in 2019. I believe that you must be curious what attracts him coming back to China for internship? SII team has interviewed Mathieu to see what internship experience in China is like in Mathieu’s eyes. Let’s check it out!


How long have you been in China?

With a smile on face, Mathieu said: “I was in China for 6 years before, then I went back to my country for 2 years and came back for the internship, so it’s quite a while actually.”

Whatit like to be a foreign intern in China?


“It’s very different because you look different from the others. So, you’re clearly a foreigner here, not like when you’re in the other countries of Europe. It’s very welcoming, I think, it’s very nice, very easy to make some friends here.” Mathieu mentioned that most of Chinese people are very friendly and very helpful, which makes him feel like home.

What do you usually do when you are free?

When I am free, actually I think the thing I do the most is studying. I really like to improve myself, so sometimes I am studying something for myself or sometimes it will be some help for my work or just for my life, in general, for example sometimes do Excels or learn Nutrition.


Whats your daily task during your internship?

I did quite a lot of tasks, during my internship, mostly I am a product manager, so I help my team work together, to communicate between the team and between the customers, to satisfy the customers, like you want to sell how much or how you do realize the objective.

Why do you want do an internship in China?

I want to do an internship in China because I come from France, it’s quite difficult to have a first job especially an interesting one. So doing an internship in China is the best way to have my first experience in my major.

What have you learned so far from this internship?

I do learn a lot, I think it’s a very good experience, especially for new bachelor degree for new graduated, yes, you really can have a real experience but it require maybe some bit of Chinese to take the most of it.


What do you want to say to the future interns?

So it’s definitely a good opportunity to do an internship in China, you will definitely learn a lot, and not only in workplace, you can also improve a lot of knowledge in life, like living and working with people from other countries, the culture difference, that I think is quite important. And you will develop a lot of soft skills, I really recommend it.


It’s have been more than 3 months after he coming back for the internship in China and he has finally proved to himself that he made a right decision for himself. The end of his interview, Mathieu’s manager told that they are very glad to have Mathieu as their intern and his excellent management skills is very helpful to the team.