Making a big decision such as moving to another country is never easy, especially when moving to China where the language and culture are so different. It makes you think about it more than twice, however, deep inside I knew it was the right thing to do in order to look for that thing we are all looking for, a big change in our lives. So I decided to have an internship in China.


First day I arrived, a very kind girl from the company Sii Sichuan Internships & Immersions Programs picked me up at the airport and helped me with everything I needed: setting up my phone number, metro card, etc… We also walked a bit around the city and showed me how to get to my hostel with the metro .At that moment I realized I was really going to enjoy my new adventure.


Before I decided to do an internship in China I had some doubts. About how the city is going to be, what is the price of life, am I going to have trouble communicating with my colleagues at work?, and a long list of etc’s.

However, when I started my internship in China, I found that these were not difficult. The prices are quite cheap, you can live pretty well with spending around 300 euros a month / 3000 RMB. The language, well what can I say, I didn’t speak any Chinese at all and I still don’t, this didn’t make things hard at all. Because I could always use some apps to translate if I wanted something or ask someone for help, you just have to not be shy and you won’t be in any trouble.

At the same time, I was surprised in most of my Chinese colleagues can speak English and they were very welcoming. Most of the workers are very young which makes a great environment to make some friends and have a very easy and nice start in Chengdu. There are also a lot of expats here, things to do, places to eat, drink and chill and to practice your favorite sports.


After 1 month and a half, I have to say that I feel very grateful to be here. I was looking to change my old life habits, see new cultures, learn new things at work, make new friends, travel and have some crazy new experiences. Chengdu has delivered far more than I expected for all these matters and I am very glad to have an internship experience in China.

Overall a crazy experience, times goes so fast and every day I’m more convinced I will stay here for some more years after my internship ends. If you are struggling to make a decision I hope this can help you to listen to your heart and to get rid of all those fears and doubts you might have. Travelling is for the brave ones and as a Chinese proverb says: Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still.