First impression to China

It is my first time to do an internship abroad for a long period. First, I thought that 4 month would be long but now I can tell you that is too short. The life in China, in Chengdu especially, is really convenient. I only needed a couple of days to get used to it. But once you have your marks, everything is so simple. People are so kind with you if you need any help. The food is so cheap and so delicious.



Induction day for my internship in China

My first day at the office for the internship was really nice, my boss and my Chinese colleagues made me feel comfortable almost directly. They took the time to explain me the different products of the company and the objectives I will have to achieve. During the lunch, we went to a restaurant to eat some typical Chinese dishes. It is the way they do things in order to welcome new co-worker in the company. In that way I learned to know everyone from my company a little bit more.


My office life in China

The first thing that I experienced which was different from home, is the lunch break. Here in China, it is common to have a longer break, 2 hours, in order to eat during one part of the break and have a nap for what remains of the break. I was really surprise but I think it is a funny way of see and do things.

I work for small company, only 10 employees. I prefer it in that way because when I ask something, everyone is glad to bring me his help. It is really nice to feel appreciated and helped by everyone you work with.

Chengdu is a great city for an internship if it’s your first time of coming to China

As I said above, the life in Chengdu is really convenient. On every level such as doing sport, eat for cheap, doing shopping, have a drink with friends etc. If you are a little bit smart and that you have several local friends you can rely on, it is easy to find or do whatever you want.


To overcome challenges and improve myself during the internship in China!

For the moment the first challenge is to find a big client for my company. My company is a supplier in animatronics products such as Dinosaurs, animals, insects etc. So it is a big challenge to find someone who might be interested in that kind of products. But I do not desperate; I will keep trying until I find one during my internship!


For the moment, I learned to improve my skills to do commercials videos, the way to approach customers from different country. The way you talk/deal with a German is different that the way you will talk/deal with an American for example. I also improve my skills to build better database for my company.


I am only on the half of my journey here, I learned so much since and I hope I will learn way more!