For most of our interns, doing an internship in China is a completely new experience: long history and splendid culture, the most difficult language, vast hinterland and rapidly growing economy is attracting people from all over the world. If you have never been to China, you may be curious about Chinese lifestyle.

Alipay & Wechat Pay

It’s very popular to use Alipay and wechat pay whatever you buy even street food during your internship in China. You just open app Wechat or Alipay and scan the QR code, then input the amount of money and password you can easily pay for everything. As it’s so convenient, many Chinese people don’t bring cash when they go out!



Security Check in subway station

Many interns may be surprised at the security check in every subway station during internship in China. There are many people waiting in the line to do the security check during the rush hour. Also, if you have liquid, they need to check if it’s dangerous. Some of them complained that “why I need to do this? I just want to take metro”. While Chinese government believe it’s the best way to keep a safe environment for the residents. And you will find out China is one of the safest country in the world after you coming here for an internship.

Shared meals


In traditional Chinese culture, family harmony is very important. The best way to promote family ties is have meals together. Chinese People will order many kinds of dishes to share with family and friends. You may be very unaccustomed to sharing food with others when you are doing internship in China at the first time. However, you will enjoy it very much when you can feel the happiness of sharing.



Every country has its customs and lifestyle, if you are going to do an internship in China, my suggestion is to immerse into Chinese culture, try to adapt yourself to Chinese lifestyle and to explore the charming of customs.