One of the most fun and fulfilling things during the season is to throw a Halloween party and boogie through the night with friends and family. When pumpkins, witch’s hats and spiders make their annual appearance you can tell Halloween is approaching.


Unlike a western country, Halloween is not general celebrated in China but as the country become more and more exposed to the west, many Chinese feel the need to celebrate and experience foreign holidays in order to feel more international.  Halloween is a good example for it and today you can find many places around town who celebrate this festival.


While on your internship in Chengdu, experiencing the local traditions and customs, you may still don’t want to miss western festivals and holidays and feel a little bit at home. So here is a bit of advice about where to start:


Step 1: find some good place to buy costumes for Halloween


Halloween is right around the corner. Still don’t have a Halloween costume and costume accessories? Here’s a quick guide to help every intern come up with the best costumes and accessories for Halloween in Chengdu.



place to buy Halloween costumes

1.Hehuachi Wholesale Market 荷花池批发市场


Hehuachi Wholesale Market offers all sorts of bizarre and kitschy trinkets with which you can adorn your costume. Plastic swords, masks, wigs, jack-o’-lanterns and all kinds of Halloween decorations can be found in this market. Prices are highly negotiable.


Address: 388 North 2nd Section, 2nd Ring Road, Jinniu Disctrict 金牛区二环路北二段388号


You can get there buy an easy subway ride on line one.


  1. Carrefour 家乐福超市


All Carrefour supermarkets offer a wide variety of affordable costumes for children and adults, and also provide plus sizes for both men and women. All stores are also a one-stop shop for your Halloween invitations and decorations. Carrefour has locations in Babao Street, Tongzilin Street, Daye Road, Shuangqiaozi and Fortune Center Plaza.


3.Online Store


online store in China

You can also buy Halloween costumes, accessories and decorations on Taobao ( -the most popular online market in China.

Step 2: where to party ?

Where can be our interns Halloween paradise?

Happy Valley Amusement Park in Chengdu holds Halloween party every year.


During the festival, Happy Valley will become a Halloween theme park; The Decoration would be full of “Halloween atmosphere” – different themes of the haunted house, panic rides, free Halloween style makeup…


Address: 16 Xihua Avenue, Jinniu District 金牛区西华大道16号


3Hotels – Five starts international hotels are also a good place to experience the festival; almost every major hotel will hold a Halloween party such as Shangri-La Hotel, Kempinski Hotel, etc.

If you are doing a hospitality internship in China, you will probably be asked to take part in a Halloween party in your hotel and if you are a business intern –it will be a good time to pay a visit to one of your friends in the hospitality program.


Bars and restaurants –As the local people in Chengdu never miss an opportunity for a party – almost every western and Chinese night club will hold a Halloween party. You can sure check out the Bookworm restaurant & cafe on Renmin road for a more quite and traditional celebration or, if you are more into partying through the night –do check out the Jelly fish club at Lan Kuai Feng yearly Halloween party.


Whether to celebrate Halloween with several friends or join in a big party, there are so many great treats, games, music and activities that you can enjoy a very different Halloween during your internship in Chengdu.


Have fun !