Although Chengdu is a food paradise, it’s human nature to miss home food during the internship in China. If you want to cook home food or miss snacks from your country, what options do you have to get food from home?


Metro Mall(麦德龙)- The most complete range of imported goods supermarket in Chengdu.

As the top 3 retail & wholesale mall group, Metro mall is a stockroom-style mall. In the past, you can only buy goods with a membership card and must pay by swiping cards. However, Thanks to WeChat in China, you can easily register to become a member of Metro Mall through WeChat and pay with the E-Card.

Goods in the supermarket are complete and affordable. Many goods out of stock in other supermarkets are available here.

Address:B1F,1033 Tianfu Second Street, Chengdu


Ole’ supermarket- located in the Busiest Commercial Pedestrian Street

Ole’ gathers goods from different countries. It divided goods into different sections such as organic healthy food, imported fruit, and vegetables, European-style food, imported snacks and beverages, etc. If you like cooking and want to prepare some home dishes for your Chinese colleagues during the internship in Chengdu, Ole’s can be a good choice to buy different types of ingredients!

Address: B1F, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, Chengdu. (8th mid-Shamao Street)


G-Super – To buy Cheap imported goods with low price during your internship in Chengdu.

80% of the goods in G-super supermarket are imported goods. Including, imported seafood, snacks and drinks, Delicatessen, etc. Following the idea of purchasing food from the whole world directly, they offer a reasonable price which is affordable interns in China who have a limit budget for the daily expense.

Address: B2F,Raffles, Chengdu. (No.3,4th South Renming Road)


Doing an internship in China doesn’t mean you need to give up your eating habits. There are more and more imported food supermarkets now and you can enjoy the convenient life in China brought by China’s internationalization!