Piti is a traditional Azerbaie all over it inside the Baku

Piti is a traditional Azerbaie all over it inside the Baku It was not until i arrived in Sheki, in which piti is an activity regarding a community specialty, that individuals managed to check it out. Piti is actually an effective chunky, aromatic stew made of beef (chicken otherwise veal), chickpeas and you can mixed create. It’s some greasy (possibly which have pieces regarding lard over the top), and lots of pitis has actually a single apricot placed into this new combine. It’s generally supported in a small earthenware container with many cash privately. Eating piti is a little of a skill. Basic, split the cash to your short pieces and set him or her from inside the an enthusiastic blank pan. Utilizing the back of your spoon to store the latest chunky bits on the pot, put the latest piti h2o across the money. Jet having sumac and consume the fresh sodden cash/soup as your first direction. Second, your smush the rest piti stew on the an effective chunky insert using another wooden pestle. (Their waiter you will step-in up until now so you can.) After you have completed the fresh new soups and you will smushed brand new stew, transfer they to your pan to eat since one minute way. If you’d like to focus Chinese lady, you truly must be familiar with its pursuits A serving out-of piti can cost you https://datingmentor.org/escort/huntsville/ regarding the 5 AZN and because it is basically a couple of products to the price of that, we consumed many it inside Sheki. All of our favourite piti was at Piti Domestic Sheki (receive underneath the Karvansaray Lodge), accompanied by brand new Karvansaray Resorts cafe by itself finally, Cafe Gargarin. Buta Bistro in the city heart plus suits a great piti.