Internship in China is usually a full time thing – during your limited free time, it’s not always possible to go too far to the rural areas. Here is a good travel recommendation where you can combine two  amazing spots during one 3 to 4 days’ trip:

 Following a visit of Jiuzhai Valley, you can go to Huanglong. Indeed, 3 hours by bus away from the beautiful valley with its mirror lakes, there are amazing colorful pounds among mountains.

Huanglong, which means yellow dragon, takes its name from the fact that based on an aerial view these lakes depict a yellow dragon winding through sharp hills, due to calcite deposit the pounds have many unusual different colors.

QQ截图20160822111023As you may guess, Huanglong is a UNESCO heritage site as well as many other sites in Sichuan province-one of many reasons to choose Chengdu as your internship in China destination.

As a UNESCO natural heritage site, Huanglong is very protected and a wood promenade has been built for you to go through these wonderful landscapes. On your way, you will see some temples referring to different religions decorated with statues passed down from the Ming dynasty. This region has been affected by Taoism, Buddhism and Islam. These temples are consequently unique.

Huanglong can be visited within half a day. Not that there is nothing to see, but the scenic spot is a 4 kilometers walk. First, you can take the cable car for the climb, then continue to the top, after what you can go down among ponds and waterfalls.

QQ截图20160822111042The best period to go to Huanglong is from June to September when the weather is wet. During these months, all ponds are full of water and every waterfall is flowing. However, even if you don’t go there during this period, it remains a breathtaking spectacle with a background made up of snow-capped mountains.

Be careful! Oxygen can be rare. For people who have breathing problems, it is advised to have an oxygen inhaler mask.

To get to Huanglong from Jiuzhai Valley, there are two busses leaving at 7:00 and 7:30 am. You should book your trip the day before. In Huanglong, at 3:30 pm, there is a bus to go back to Jiuzhai Valley. But, at a gas station, you can take a non-official cab to join Songpan or Chengdu.

The trip from Jiuzhai Valley to Huanglong comes to 45 RMB and the non-official cab costs from 100 to 200 RMB per person. Because we know that you want more time to enjoy your intern’s life in Chengdu, the non-official cab solution enables you to save one day.