As you all know WeChat has become the most popular social media in China. It’s not only considered as a communication tool but also the most convenient payment system! However, International interns used to encounter some troubles by using WeChat pay because they don’t have a Chinese bank account.

Breaking news for interns who will do an internship in China! This problem is now gone! WeChat has announced that it now allows users to connect Foreign Credit cards such as Visa, Master Card and JCB to the WeChat Wallet feature.

What should international interns know about binding overseas credit cards with WeChat?

  1. WeChat wallet binding foreign credit cards temporarily not support WeChat transfer, sending red packet, it’s only available to use for consumption, Shopping, taxi-hailing, food delivery and hotel booking, for example.
  2. Connecting to the foreign credit cards issued by the bank card company in countries like the United State and Canada, users are required to provide the billing address of the credit card.
  3. WeChat users are required to verify card number and enter Card Verification Number, Card Security Code.

How to connect overseas credit cards to WeChat Pay to get the convenient life experience while interning in China?


“Me”→ “Wallet”→“Cards” →+ “Add a Card”

Step1: Tap on the “Me” button, on the WeChat home screen.


Step2: Click on the “Wallet” button


Step3: Click on the “Cards” button


Step4: Tap on the “+ Add a card” button


Step5: Enter your payment password


Step6: fill in your card number of your overseas credit card.


Excellent! Now you have managed to bind your international bank card with WeChat Payment. Please feel free to use it pay for your meals, phone bill, shared-bikes, etc. and enjoy your careless life in China during your internship!