The weather is getting colder and colder since November in Chengdu, China. Many people put on sweater and coat, and of course, getting lazier during Winter time. It seems nothing special in November, if you really think so, you will miss the golden time of enjoying ginkgo.

The best time for viewing ginkgo is from November to December. There are a lot of ginkgo trees in suburb and downtown of Chengdu. During the internship in China, if you don’t want to go too far away, you can bring your camera and walk around the following spots, I believe you’ll be amazed by the beautiful nature.

1.Qingyang temple

Qingyang Temple, which is known as the first Taoist temple in western Sichuan. This Taoist temple is the oldest and biggest of its kind in the area, located in downtown of Chengdu.The ginkgo trees in Qingyang temple are very tall, and there are quite a few ancient ginkgo. The red wall, green tile and the yellow ginkgo makes a colorful painting, you can also find many beautiful girls dressing Hanfu and taking photos in the temple.

Ticket: 10 yuan

Bus: You can take these buses: No.5, No.17, No.22, No.25, No.27, No.42, No.46, No.58, No.82, No.301


2.Baihuatan Park

Baihuatan Park covers an area of about 135 acres. The park is divided into several parts, every part has its own theme and specialty. In the park, there is a ginkgo tree on the Ginkgo Square that planted in Tang dynasty. In 1986, it was moved from the site of Wenchuan County. Its branches are tall and straight, and the shape is gorgeous. It is called “the fairy of ginkgo”.




3.Jinxiu Road, Jinxiu Lane

It’s a small alley that hide in Jinxiu road, next to American consulate. Jinxiu Lane is about 500 meters long and 5 meters wide. The ginkgo trees on both sides of the alley are packed in rows, each of which is only 4 meters apart. This is the most densely planted area of ginkgo trees in the downtown area of Chengdu. According to statistics, there are a total of 46 ginkgo trees in Jinxiu Lane, all of which are more than 20 meters high. The age of the trees is between 90 and 135 years old, and the tops of the trees are intertwined. Every year in November, Jinxiu Lane attracts a large number of photographers and artist to visit.


It’s not the lack of beauty in life,but the lack of the eyes to find the beauty. You can always find something wonderful if you keep wandering around during your internship in China.