If you love photographing, you will not be able to resist the temptation of the yellow fan-shaped leaves of the ginkgo trees lining the wide streets and narrow lanes of Chengdu. Ginkgo trees can be found everywhere here, and are especially numerous on university campuses, such as Sichuan University and The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

In early December, many streets are covered with the yellow ginkgo leaves, which attract groups of newly married couples, children, and crowds of people of all ages. They are happy to combine their precious moments with their loved ones with the viewing of the beautiful trees. This might be the busiest month for photographers and shutterbugs. This is also a paradise for children. Look, some of them are playing with the yellow leaves by making the shape of a heart or an animal that they like; some have picked up some big and well-preserved leaves and hidden them in their pockets. They will take them home and make a natural bookmark according to the instructions in their science books.

YellowEvery December, I go to the so-called Ginkgo Street on our university campus. Last year, I went there with two of my roommates, and we took many photos. This year, I have been there twice already. Once with a foreign friend, and the second time with two other friends from Sichuan Normal University. We racked our brains to think of as many poses as we could; we made faces to each other and laughed together; we threw the leaves in the air and captured many wonderful moments with the leaves soaring above our heads. When we felt tired, we sat down directly on the grass under the ginkgo trees, reminiscing about our funny past experiences or worried together about our unforeseeable futures. We share our sorrows and joys together. The ginkgo trees are still as they always were, but friends around me are changing; now I’m one year older than last year. How many years will I stay here? Who will go there and appreciate the breathtaking foliage with me…no one can predict the future. However, I enjoy every moment spent with my friends. I feel happy because of them and also because of the pretty gingko trees. Sometimes happiness is just a simple thing: a cup of coffee, an encouraging smile from your friend or even just a glimpse of the yellow leaves of ginkgo trees.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that why we called it the present. What we need to do is not memorize history or to guess the unpredictable future, but to cherish the present. Therefore, enjoy the sunshine and capture a picture of the smiling faces of today under a majestic yellow ginkgo leaves.