After doing an internship in Chengdu and spending a few months in China, you feel the need to bring something back home to family and friends. You feel you are almost “expected“to come back home with something in hand for your parents,brothers, sisters and your good friends and you want to bring them something that will be special but not too expensive. But where to begin?

Here some advice about places around Chengdu where you can get traditionalChinesesouvenirs in affordableprices:

As the “Land of Abundance” which has a long historyand culture and natural beauty, Chengdu is rich wide range of well-known specialty souvenirsandgifts. A tour of the city can offer interns a large selection of distinctive Chengdu souvenirs and novelty gift items.

Here are some tips for “Internship” souvenir


panda themed souvenirs

Panda-themed Souvenirs

The giant panda, a national treasure of China, is absolutely the most significant symbol of the city of Chengdu with its cute and friendly image. There are so many kinds of panda-themed souvenirs, such as stuffed toys, chopsticks, slippers, hairpins, mobile phone and iPad cases, teacups, etc.

Where to buy:Panda House outletstoreorHehuachi Wholesale Market(388 North 2nd Section, 2nd Ring Road, Jinniu District)

PriceSeveralyuantodozens of yuan


Chinese fans &Chinese knot


Chinese fans

Chinese fan culture has a close relationship with the bamboo culture- Buddhist culture. China has always been known as the kingdom of the Bamboo.

Chinese knot has elegant charm, reflecting the native quality and feelings of ancient Chinese.

Where to buy:Hehuachi Wholesale Market(388 North 2nd Section, 2nd Ring Road, Jinniu District)or Qingshiqiao Market

PriceSeveralyuantodozens of yuan


Bamboo-woven ware

Bamboo-woven ware, e.g. vases, coffee sets, gardening tools and tableware, is a kind of fine art ware favored by many people.


bamboo woven ware

Where to buy: Songxianqiao Antique Market in downtown Chengdu
from dozens of yuan to several hundred yuan


Shu Brocade & Shu Embroidery
The Shu Brocade is endowed with rich cultural and artistic connotation with a high value of appreciation and collection. As one of the most important intangible cultural heritages in China, the Shu Brocade is one of the most famous Four Chinese Brocades.

The Shu Embroidery features luxuriant appearance, bright color, elegant pattern and propitious design imbued with rich folklore and regional characteristics.

Where to buy: Chengdu Shu Brocade and Embroidery Museum, 2 East Caotang Road, Chengdu.
Price: Common brocade handkerchiefs, scarfs and decorations are usually priced at 100-300 yuan/piece.


Sichuan Food Seasonings

Don’t forget such important flavorings for Sichuan cuisine as the Pixian Chili Broad Bean Paste, Hot Pot condiments, snacks and relishes.

Where to buy: supermarkets, groceries and stalls of farm produce markets

Priceseveralyuantodozens of yuan


The most important thing is not aboutwhat you buy, but to share with your family and friends about your memorable and special experience during your internship in China and also to share with them the different cultures and life

you have seen.