While doing an internship in China, you can always find some “magic gadgets “which you may not have seen or heard of back home. For example, Chinese people use the mosquito net to keep away the mosquitoes, use mahjong mat to cool themselves in summer. So, what good stuff can you find in China to warm yourself up during your winter internship?

1. Long johns – one of the most popular winter gears in China!

If you ask your Chinese friends what they wear against the cold in winter, you will probably get the same answer- Long Johns. They are a kind of trousers used to keep yourself warm inside which is cheap and easy to buy in many Pajamas shops.



2.Cashmere vest- a warm and fashionable choice

Cashmere vest can hug your body and keep you comfy. Wear it inside, then put on a sweater or a shirt and your trendy overcoat. That’s the secret of your Chinese colleagues from the internship who look cold but actually stay warm.


3.Shoe heater- the coolest stuff to dry your shoes in winter!

Many people have a problem to dry their shoes after washing on a cold and gloomy day. Do you need to bring like 10 pairs of shoes for China internship or just putting on the ice cold shoes and getting cold feet? With the fantastic magic gadget– shoe heater, all the problems are gone! Just stick them in your shoes before heading out to your company, heat up your shoes and start your warm day!



4.Space heater – a perfect winter gear in China to warm you up!

The average temperature of winter in Chengdu is around 6-12 degree. It’s warmer than many cities in Europe so we don’t have the heating system at home. That’s why you will need a space heater during your winter internship in China!


5.Hand warmer- a little appliance which can keep your hand warm

If you feel your hands are too cold when you need to go out in winter, just bring a hand warmer with you which is small enough to hold in the hand but good enough to warm you up!

There are still many different types of Chinese warmer tools, such as hot water bags, heated rugs, USB heated mouse pads, hot packs, etc. You can find them easily through Tao bao or Jindong.

Get the best one for yourself and Stay warm for your winter internship in China!