It’s really inspiring to get an interview offer for a great internship opportunity in China! It’s time to present yourself and nail the interview! Here are some tips for you:

How will the online internship interview be held?

The internship interviews typically take place over Skype, WeChat, or photo calls occasionally. As it’s an online interview, it’s reallyimportancethat you understand how to use the platform before your interview and it’s better to make sure you are familiar with commonplatform.

What’s the best place to take the interview

  1. You can choose to conduct the interview at home to reduce the pressure but make sure that you are in a quite environment so you won’t be disturbed during the interview.
  2. Any place with good internet connection as long as it’s quiet and distraction-free to take the interview.

what to wear for the interview of your dream internship in China?

图片2As it’s a video interview, you can have it at your home but it doesn’t mean that you can wear casually or even pajamas. The first impression is very important and dressing in formal can give the feeling of professionalism. To create a great first impression can highly improve the possibility toget the internshipoffer.

Mocking up is necessary before your interview

To reduce the impact of external factors on the interview, interns can mock up with friends or family half hour before the interview start to test the volume, sound quality and internet connection.It’s better to use a small headset with a microphone to ensure the quality of your sound is clear.

Remember to log in 15mins-half hour ahead the schedule, no matter face-face or video interview, to be on time is the ultimate rule!

Those tips above will help you to become an outstanding international candidate for any internship abroad!

Good luck!