Walking by the streets of Chengdu you can see some special scenes which you’d never seen in the Europe. People play mahjong or Chinese chess in the street. If you are curious about People’s daily life in China and Chinese traditional culture, try to get an internship in China and discover more by yourself

Get an internship in Chengdu to learn more entertainments of Chin

Mahjong is one of the most popular entertainment activities for people in Chengdu. You can see them playing mahjong in the street or any place with a mahjong table. Four people can make up a mahjong group but there is no need to worry that you can get 4 people together for the game. Doing an internship in Chengdu you can play mahjong with your colleague and it’s a very good way to make more Chinese friends.

  Have you ever seen Chinese chess? It appeared in the pre Qin Period and has a long history. On the streets of Chengdu you can see a lot of old people play this game. There are thirty-two pieces of chessman divided into two groups of red and black, the roles of the pieces corresponding to each other are exactly the same. The game is a good one to test your IQ which can help you become more considerate before making any decision. You learn it online and try to challenge your Chinese friends during your internship in China


There are a lot of entertainments like mahjong and Chinese chess in China. If you want to know more, find yourself an internship in China to explore Chinese culture and the real Chinese lifestyle!