If you want to combine scenery exploring with your China internship, but you are afraid of the cold weather in winter, please check out the following spots which can be the best options to enjoy the beautiful nature scenery with warm sunshine!


Stop.1 Xichang- the best place to enjoy Sunshine during your internship in Sichuan!

As the capital of Liangshan Prefecture, Xichang is of high altitude and boasts intense sunlight. There are lots of famous tourist attractions for international interns to visit as well!

Recommend spots:

1).Datongmen: A good place for international interns to explore Chinese tea culture. Near the ancient city walls in downtown Xichang that date back to the Ming Dynasty, you can find a tea house in the neighborhood, have a cup of tea and enjoy a sunbath.

2). Qionghai Lake: It’s the second largest freshwater lake in Sichuan. Adjacent to the mountains and Xichang City, Qionghai Lake is inhabited by many water birds. It is also the perfect place to watch the birds and go boating.

3).Luoji Mountain: The Mountain boasts a variety of plants, covering 36 natural pools. If you want to take a deep breath of pure air to relax from the internship and enjoy the sunbath while appreciating the snow-covered landscape, it is the best choice for you.


  1. Take the train at the north train station (10hours), and the ticket price is 78RMB.
  2. Take bus at east Chengdu bus station or Shiyangchang bus station (6 hours),and the ticket price is 191RMB
  3. Take airplane at Shuang Liu airport (I hour), and the ticket price is around 1000RMB.


Stop.2 Lugu Lake – The most beautiful lake you should check out during your internship in China!

Located between Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces, it’s surrounded by high mountains and the sea of grass. The Lake boasts abundant sunlight. Staying in a “sea-view room” alongside Lugu Lake will bring you supreme pleasure in the cold winter. For international interns, it’s better to ask the suggestion for good hotels with reasonable price.

Recommend spots:

1.)Lige Island: This peninsula stretches to the center of Lugu Lake surrounded by water. It’s a very good place to go boating and watch the sunrise. You can spend one night there with your friends to enjoy the peaceful nature scenery.

2). Xiaoluo Over-Water Village: It is a village inhabited by Mosuo people and a good place to dabble in water and experience the unique lifestyle of Mosuo People. It’s the best place to explore Chinese ancient ethnic customs and life style during your internship in China!

It’s 250 kilometers from Xichang. You can take a bus in Xichang to get there (around 6 hours), and the bus ticket price is 95RMB.


If you are doing an internship in China and looking forward to explore more places during Chinese New Year holiday, put this two places on your schedule! I’m sure you will get some surprises when you see the beautiful views there with the cozy weather!