If you already have a taste for adventure, the ability to adapt, a positive attitude to start an internship in China what else do you need? Some tips to find the best opportunity for an internship in China!

  1. Prepare your resume in the best way to get your dream internship position.

A perfect resume is the key to open the door your dream company for your internship in China. How many pages should the resume be? Should a picture be attached? It is important to figure out these things before you start to send applications.


  1. Choose your location wisely.

Why are you trying to find an internship in China? It could be you want to get more opportunities to develop your career or you simply need an internship out of comfort zone. No matter what reason it is, Chengdu can be one of the best cities for your China internship experience because it’s one of the best places to live in China and the visa policy there is quite open to international interns.


  1. Control the budget for your internship in China.

China is cheaper to live in than most countries in Europe but how to make it even much cheaper for your internship? You can choose an internship that covers most of the expanses! For example, a paid internship in 5 star hotels in China which offers the best conditions! SII have great contacts with 5-star international hotel brands in China and all the positions include accommodations, meals and monthly cash allowance that is more than enough to support international interns during their stay here.


  1. Take advantage of social media!

Social media is one of the most valuable tools to find more international internship opportunities. For example, many companies post internship offers through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Joining some groups of internships findingon social media or linking some international companies’ pages can be really helpful to get more opportunities.


  1. Be open-minded to the internship sectors.

If you are not quite sure in which filed you should start an internship, it’s better to keep an open mind. For example, interning in marketing field or hospitality industry can be good options for foreign interns because there are lots of demands in these two industries, moreover, you can make most of your communication skills and get in touch with people in different sectors from different countries.


If you will have in mind to come to China for an internship and feel tired of internships find process -don’t hesitate to contact us!SII offers the most cost-effective internships in China!