Have you been to China? Have you ever thought about doing an internship in China?Let’s check out how international interns feel about this unique experience:

Whitney-from France

I arrived in Chengdu on the 20th of March 2017 and it has been an adventure from the moment I stepped foot in the airport of my city of departure. I am interning for Jellyfish F&B and I have to say that it is the best internship I have done so far (and I have had to intern three times already as I am graduating with a Masters’ Degree). My daily tasks change a lot, there’s never a dull day.

I think that what I like the most about interning for this company is being part of a team, brainstorm about new ideas and see these ideas come to life in the clubs. There is an atmosphere which allows me to express myself freely, share my ideas with coworkers and I am lucky enough to be able to see the physical results of my work at the office and not a lot of interns can say the same.

Remi- from Belgium

RemiI am doing a 4 months internship at Envee specializing in full-service Inflight Entertainment and Communications. This is my first internship and at the same time my first experience in China. Other interns and I get a lot of responsibilities and involvement in the team to help in international marketing effort.

The work environment is pleasant and the Inflight industry is totally new for me which makes it even more interesting. Living in China is until now one of my best experiences. I like the Chinese food, especially the Liang Mian; the people are nice and there is a lot to do in the city. In other words, I recommend everybody to do their internship in Chengdu!

Julian-from Austria

My motivation to come to Chengdu, consisted of 3 main pillars: To gather work experience in an upscale hotel, to extend my basic understanding of Mandarin Chinese and to immerse in the culture by eating lots of good food and meeting local people.

The work environment is welcome and supportive, but also unfamiliar and adventurous. I am gaining valuable insights into the operations of an international hotel brand as well as methods of management. If one brings a considerable portion of engagement and initiative, there are lots to learn in an enterprise like this.

For me, as an open-minded student from Austria in his mid-twenties, this is a great experience. Foreigners are not a new thing here, but you will still be noticed. With an outgoing and flexible mind set it is easy to get to know new people, both foreigners and locals. I will be here for 4 more months and I am looking forward to every single day to come. I can recommend an Internship here to anyone who finds joy in adapting to a new environment and unexpected ways of doing business. I really hope you make the right choice and have a great experience during your internship.


Vera- from Italy

VeraThe first impact can be a bit shocking, especially if like me, you’ve never been to Asia before. However, thanks to the friendly people and the relaxed atmosphere I felt immediately at home.  If you have an open mind and you’re eager to discover new things, Chengdu is a city full of surprises.

The new and the old are fused perfectly together and the city seems never to sleep. If you feel homesick you can easily find foreigners of every nationality around the corner and a fancy place to party like you’re in Europe. I also had luck with my internship, because my boss is really friendly and my colleagues try to teach me Chinese. Doing an internship in Chengdu really helps you understand how the Chinese market works and how Chinese people do business. The language can be a barrier sometimes, but trust me, nothing here is impossible!

Why not pack your bags and book a ticket for your internship to China? You will find a new world!