Frankly speaking, my first impression of Chengdu was not good at all. Looking back to the beginning of my time here, I was often upset because of the weather that was simultaneously foggy and sweltering. I told my friends that I wouldn’t come again. On my way to the airport, when the taxi driver asked me how I felt about the city, I told him the truth, and he was a little surprised but then told me words that I will never forget: “Chengdu is a city that once you come, you will never want to leave, I hope you will come again and begin to love our city.”

The driver was right. I came back again a year later and after living here for more than one year, I discovered the charm of the city and began to love it. Despite the rapid economic development, Chengdu bursting numerous with historical sites and interesting places to visit. Everyone will marvel at the ingenious creation of the Dujiangyan Irrigation system. Try reading a poem of Du Fu, who was a sage among Chinese poets, and experience his living environment first hand by visiting the Dufu Thatched Cottage. After beholding the only temple with a kings burial place inside (King Liu Bei) in Wuhou Temple, you can have a drink in Starbucks or try some snacks along the famous Jinli street.

Besides all the tourist sites, the bustling Chunxi Road, the dazzling shopping malls and many other entertainment facilities will surely keep you busy. The convenient bus and subway system can take you wherever you wish to go. The most unique thing about Chengdu is that people living here don’t need to bear so much pressure and shoulder so many responsibilities like people in Beijing or Shanghai do. People here live a quiet and slow-paced life. The typical way to kill time in Chengdu is by sitting on bamboo chairs, drinking tea and chatting under the shade of gingko trees. This also explains why Chengdu ranks at the top of lists of the happiest cities in China.

1000 years ago, hibiscus bloomed in abundance all around the city, thus the nickname “City of Hibiscus” was given to Chengdu.  Even today you can see many different colors of hibiscus in Chengdu, especially during September and October. As a historically renowned city located in Southwest China, Chengdu is blessed with abundant resources and a temperate climate, making it an ideal place to live and crowning it with the title “The City of Abundance.”

In today’s society, most people are living such a fast-paced life that they have no time to stop and smell the roses and appreciate the beautiful golden foliage of autumn. If you feel tired, go and drink a cup of tea with your friends; if you feel cold this winter, why not try the spicy hot-pot in the famous hot-pot restaurant Shu Jiuxiang. Stories of ancient times are waiting to be told and so many beautiful sites waiting to be visited. Why you are still hesitating? Come enjoy the exciting and vibrant city that moves slowly, the City of Abundance.