If you are a super fan of stage shows and musical plays, Chengdu should be listed on your must-go cities of internships in China. Chengdu is a so-called ‘city of culture’, many great literary works and drama shows have been bred in Chengdu. If you have no idea about where to go to see some stage plays after daily internships, I would strongly recommend you to have a look at those nice studio theaters to enjoy a fantastic show or stage play when you start your internship in Chengdu.

Eight Tasty Color (ETC) Theater

The ETC Theater is located in the Wuhou district, where any public transportation can easily reach. It is a comprehensive cultural experience hall, with professional stages play performing all year round. Although it is a small theater with limited seats, its characteristic and cultural decoration still attracts hundreds of young people visiting every day. Except for stage plays and drama shows, the ETC Theater also provides a variety of books with a cup of coffee for leisure and even some restaurants if people feel hungry.


Eight-Point Space

The Eight-Point Space is probably the most famous small theater in Chengdu, which is located in Chengdu Eastern Music Park. Different from the normal show, the stage shows in Eight-Point Space has no specific performing stage, so performers can better interact with audiences and make them better involved. Together with many performing crews from all over the world, the Eight-Point Space held the fist Chengdu international drama festival in 2011.

Lotus Theater

Different from the other two, the Lotus theater is well-known for its child-friendly stage show. It cooperates with a specific troupe, and thus they generate original educational shows mainly targeting children and their parents. Therefore, if you are tired of delicate shows, it would be an interesting experience to free your mind and get involved in children’s pure world.

If you are a drama show lover who is willing to start your internship in China, Chengdu would be your best choice!