The National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are coming soon! If you are doing an internship in China at such a great time, you will have a holiday of 8days! However, China is such a big Country with so many exciting places to explore. It must be very difficult to make a decision of where to go for a holiday! Check out the following spot which might be a good option for you.

The first night zoo in southwest China which you cannot miss while interning in Chengdu.

Bifeng Gorge is a wonderful summer resort with the international reputation which is located in Ya’an, Sichuan province. In 2017, the first night zoon in southwest China put into service there. It gives people a lot of fun and can help you relax from the internship.

Special night tour for guests

Given that nocturnal animals are active at night, Bifeng Gorge Night Zoo has designed a night touring route especially for visitors. You can sit on a tour bus to watch closely or feed the Asian black bears, African lions, Siberian tigers and other ferocious animals. After that, you can walk in the docile animal zone and play with the alpacas, sika deer, hedgehogs, and rabbits.

Traditional Lantern Festival – a good one for interns in China to get to know Chinese culture.

In the Night Zoo, besides animals, there is also traditional Zigong Lantern Festival, which is quite amazing and spectacular. International interns can learn more about Chinese traditional culture while enjoying the visual feast of colorful lanterns.


Take the bus from Chengdu to Bifengxiain Xinnanmen Bus station. It takes about 2hours.

Ticket: 48RMB

Admission for night Zoo: 60RMB

Opening hours: 20:30-22:30


To enjoy the night tour in means it’s better to stay overnight there. The fee for the hotel of a normal quality is only around 30euro. Relax from your internship and enjoy your National Day in China!