A six-month internship in China is not very long but it’s enough for you togain a deep insight of Chengdu. If you don’t want to be a tourist who just gives a hurried ad cursory glance at the place you will live for 6months, check out the following info to know how do the locals do.


Explore ancient streets

Try Shizi Alley, Fangchi Street, or Wenmiaoqian Street instead of Kuanzhai Alley. The 3 streets are all within walking distance of Kuanzhai Alley. The old buildings in Chengdu are now harmoniously mixed with its modern residential areas.

Shizi Alley is separated from Kuanzhai Alley only by a wall. You can find the well-known old clinic, old building as well as art teahouse and restaurants.

Fangchi Street and Wenmiaoqian Street were the former residences of Li Jiayu’s (a general of the Sichuan army) and Li Jiayu’s old mansion respectively. The Chinese style eaves and the Western colored windows mix in perfect harmony.


Seek the street food

Try Kuixinglou Street instead of Jinli street.

Kuixinglou Street which you cannot miss while doing an internship in Chengdu. It’s famous for its Sichuan-style dishes, chuan chuan, chicken feet restaurant, coffee shop and dessert stores. Some of the restaurants here have become quite popular on social media platforms.


Have adate with Giant pandas during your internship in China!

Try Dujiangyan Panda Valley instead of panda base.

There are more than 140 giant pandas and about 100 red pandas in Dujiangyan Research Center of Giant Panda Breeding and Release Facility. The environment is more natural and there are fewer tourists. You can buy a ticket (around 60RMB) and enter the valley directly. A visit here is recommended when you go to Dujiangyan or Qingcheng Mountain.

Transportation: The site is located in Baima Village, Yutang Town, Dujiangyan. You can get there by High-Speed Train + taxi.


Try authentic hot pot during your internship in Chengdu

TryYulin Community, Kehua Road, Xiaojiahe or Baiguolin Communityinstead of Waiting 3 Hours in Downtown.

There are numerous delicious foods in these old communities. Original hot pot in bungalows and barbecue stalls nestled between residential buildings are the best choices.

All kinds of restaurants here are filled with local eaters. As an international intern, it’s always right to just follow them.


Buy local specialties before leaving from your internship in China

Try Hongqi Chain Store instead of Scenic Areas.

It’s one of the most popular convenient stores that you can find it every corner in the city.

You can get every Sichuan specialties you want in its headquarter (No. 98 Zongfu Road), such as chili sauce, beef jerky, sausage, hot pot seasoning and many other products. You can also have products shipped at this store.


Take your time to explore the city who has more than thousands of years’ history during your internship in China! It will definitely surprise you in some respects!