Globalization is not a new vocabulary for you and you’re aware that some companies are all around the world! Today let me tell you which brands are in Chengdu and where you might go back if you’re looking for some products familiar to you and compare them to the Chinese equivalent.


Fast foods and drinks:

Is there really a need to mention which are the ones you’ll meet here in China? You’ll obviously find Macdonald, KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks! Those brands are definitely the one you’ll meet the most in your everyday life in Chengdu but as well in all China. So if you really miss junk food don’t worry it’s everywhere!

The main Chinese fast food is Dico’s! That we could consider like the Chinese version of KFC! So if you don’t know which one to choose between both, note that they’re simply the same and there’s no need to think too much about it. Regarding Pizza It’s more foreigners opening their own pizzeria like Mike’s pizza or Pizza corner.

QQ截图20160530140513You want to drink a tea or coffee? The main place you can go to drink tea doesn’t have a brand but way cooler than the Starbucks decoration! I’m talking about parks! In any park you can go and drink as much tea as you want and for a really cheap price! For what concerns the coffee, I must admit this is not really the Chinese drink so you’ll find coffee in foreign coffee/bar/restaurants like the bookworm, shamrock.

There’s one famous chain restaurant which is the peters texmex! You have many of them all around the city!  Here the specialty is Mexican food and you can also drink there some coffee.

Then you have other Chinese brands that offer not only tea but also bubble tea or Bean milk! You can go to COCO or Tea & Brown.



QQ截图20160530140700This brand you know it for his creative adverts and songs used for it. It’s IKEA! In the case you want to invest in the furniture for your apartment here in China and that you have the budget for. Then Ikea is always here to save you! But remember that you still can join your SII friend in the SII apartment and you won’t have to go to Ikea, or just maybe for the nostalgia of the long walk in the maze of IKEA.



Obviously you have all your favorite brands like Addidas, Nike, New balance, Converse, but you can also find the French brand Decathlon which is THE supermarket where you’ll find all you need to do all the sports you want. Running, swimming, biking, hiking, skateboarding etc! You’ll just find everything you want here! And for a reasonable price!


You have brand from all around the world! So which one will you choose? It depends of your nationality and the product you want to find in the imported products section.

1 Ito Yokado

Japonese brand! If you’re looking for some Japanese or even Korean products you’ll have more chance to find what you want in this super market

2. Wall mart

If you need some product from USA and America in general then you better go to the biggest multinational of the world Wall mart.

3. CarrefourQQ截图20160530141247

If you’re French then there’s no need to remind you that if you want to find some products from France this is where you’ll find it all but not only.

4. Auchan

If you’re from the south of France you might be more familiar with Auchan! So no matter which part of France you’re from I believe that you’ll find what you need between the 2 supermarkets.

Convenient store:

7 eleven

What is great it’s that it’s open 24/7 so in case you suddenly need something in the middle of the night and there’s a 7 eleven next to you well you know that you’ll never need to worry about something missing.

Hong Qi chain

This is a Chinese brand, you’ll see it everywhere and it’s exactly like 7 eleven, but not all of your Hong Qi will be open 24/7 so just make sure to know which one is or not.


This one is open 24/7 as well.

And to be honest you’ll find so many of little convenient store you’ll never feel like it’s too late to buy something.


QQ截图20160530141500Without counting the sportswear that it’s already mention above. Note that regarding the brand you might be used to wear; you’ll find everything you need here: Zara, H&M, VerroModa and so many others.

China is a great consumer society, so don’t worry all, your brands from the most standard to the most luxurious one are here as well and there’s always a way during your Internship, when you feel homesick to find a little piece of your Country in China. And if it’s not through products and services it will be simply by the foreign community, where you’ll definitely meet a fellow citizen of your country of origin.