Chengdu is a fast growing city but for a long time it’s known for “slow pace of life”. Although people in Chengdu have adapted to the rapid development of the city, they still keep living in a “slow” way. To do an internship in China can lead you to the real Chengdu “rhythm”.


– The rapid pace of city development

Doing an internship in Chengdu, you will see many beautiful new buildings because of rapid city development. For example, the global center, the largest free building in the world, it looks like the coastline. There are many luxury brands stores and international 5-star hotels as well.

Chengdu is also full of world top 500 enterprises. For example, Tianfu software park is one of the Chengdu high tech areas. There are many well-known enterprises such as IBM、SAP、Philips and so on. If you are looking for an internship in a city gathered a large number of international enterprises and with loads of business opportunities, Chengdu is one of the best options!


-how to enjoy the slow pace of life while doing an internship in China?

 Getting an internship in Chengdu can meet your all your needs. You can enjoy the leisure life at People’s park and explore the traditional tea culture by enjoying a cup of Chinese tea there. Ear picking is a must for international interns because it will the one of the unique experiences you will have in China!

In addition, traditional snacks in Chengdu is famous all over China. If you want to treat yourself with some delicious food after a busy day while doing an internship in China, you can check out the night market and try some street food. I bet you won’t forget the taste of the Chinese barbecue or Chuanchuan!


The essence of having an internship in China, is to combine the internship experience with discovering the different culture and learn more about different life so that you can be more open-minded which be a great treasure for your future life!