Many international students are passionate about an internship in China and many of them are choosing Chengdu as their international internship destination, but why?

Full of internship opportunities

As the one of the major cities in China,Chengdu is developing rapidly. It becomes a good option for foreign enterprises. To meet the needs of Internationalization and international markets,the demand for overseas interns increases continuously in recent years which gives loads of internship opportunities to foreign students.

Also, many companies in China are looking for foreign Intern who can help in their marketing effort in other countries as most of the Chinese workers lack the relevant knowledge to deal with international online platforms and social networks, how to deal with westerner customers etc.

Open visa policy and cheap living costs for interns

Chengdu attracts interns from all over the word because it’s developing very fast and it provides visa-applicationmany good opportunities for interns to boost their career goals. With a quite open Visa policy for foreign interns, Chengdu becomes more Approachable and reachable for interns who are head on an internship in China.

Comparing to Beijing or Shanghai, Chengdu is also much more
friendly and cheap than other major cities in China which make it easy for interns to make new friends and live on a low budget. You can learn more about Chengdu on our website or Google and you will get a lot of good reviews about this place.

Enjoy the working environment and learn about the Chinese culture during your internship

With pleasant office environment, open and inclusive employment atmosphere, strong talent policies and advantageous supporting measures for employment, Chengdu has taken actions to ensure that overseas interns will enjoy working in China.

As an international intern in China, it will be a great chance for you to be immersed in the Chinese culture. You will be working with Chinese coworkers on a daily basis, have the opportunity to make friends with them even after working hours, see and experience firsthand how business is being done in China- kind of experience that is very much needed those days in the west.

If you are considering doing your internship in China, Chengdu must be one of the best options for you!