The mobile payment system is crazily developing in all aspects of Chinese life. You will fall in love with the convenient way of payment while doing an internship in China.


Let’s picture a “cashless day” during your internship in China!

You wake up in morning and plan to buy breakfast on your way to your internship. However, you forgot your wallet. Don’t worry. You won’t miss your favorite Chinese breakfast- baozi because you can pay it by Alipay or WeChat pay.

The sellers will put a picture of WeChat or Alipay payment QR code on the table or stick it on the wall. You just need to find it and open your Alipay or WeChat app. Click the icon” +”, then choose the tap “Scan QR code”. The payment will be done in no time.


What about lunch?

No need to worry about it because most restaurants even very small restaurants for noodle or dumplings can accept Alipay or WeChat pay. For international interns who are very are very limited in Chinese, you can buy your lunch in 7-11 nearby as well. You just need to open the App of Alipay on your phone and Click on the icon” Pay” on the top of the home page. The payment will be done in 2 seconds once they scan your payment QR code.


Enjoy the beautiful view on your riding way back home from the internship.

When it’s time to go back home, just log in your Alipay account and find the icon of “ShareBike” on homepage. Click on it and you will find the scan button in the middle of your page. Click it to scan the OR code on a shared-bike. Now you can ride your bike and enjoy the beautiful view on the way home.


Book a film ticket online to relax from your internship.


Besides WeChat and Alipay, there are several very useful Apps you need to know while doing an internship in China, such as Meituan, Baidu (Chinese searching engine), Taobao (Chinese eBay). You can book a film ticket on Meituan and pay by your Alipay or WeChat pay which is easy and convenient.


But how does it work for international interns in China?

  1. First you need open a Chinese bank account which is very easy to do.

You just need to bring your passport, your accommodation registration, and the internship proof to the bank of China or ICBC bank to apply for a Chinese debit account. You will need to fill one application form which in both Chinese and English and that’s all. Btw, they will need you to put around 30RMB in your account.

  1. Connect your bank account to Alipay.
  2. Open your Alipay, you will find the 4 icons at the bottom of the page. Click on the icon “Me”. You can find the tag “Bank Cards”.
  3. Click on “Bank Cards” and it will turn to a new page, click the icon “+”.
  4. Fill the Holder, your Card No. After that, click on next.
  5. Fill your phone number which you leave to the bank and Click the confirm button.
  6. You will receive a message from your bank with a “code”
  7. Enter the code you get from the message and click on “confirm”. You are all set!

No need to bring your wallet just open your mobile payment system for a scan to make your internship China experience easier and joyful!