For thousands of year, panda and Sichuan cuisine have been attracting tourists from all over the world. As an international intern in China, you can’t miss the food tour in your spare time while living in Chengdu! If you prefer to try some local delicacies without the help of your Chinese friends, check out the foodie route of the bus No. 1087 foodie map below, you’ll need it!

  1. XinGuiCunXiWu Street Station(新桂村西五街站)- MOMINGTANG NOODLES(莫名堂面庄)

Located at the first station of bus No.1087, MOMINGTANG NOODLES enjoys a history of 30 years! Their traditional noodle with bean paste and capsicum is very popular among locals and always full of people at lunch time. Give a shot to the spicy noodles during your internship in Chengdu!

Average price: 9RMB/person

Add:HongJiXinLu (opposite toShijiChaoyang)


  1. XinGuiCunXiWu Street Station(新桂村西五街站)-ZhenXin Steamed Bread(真心包子)

It looks like a normal steamed bread shop, but it runs for more than 10 years. Opens at 6:00 every morning and the steamed bun were sold out at 15:00. There are more than 10 different tastes of baozi with different vegetables such as cabbage, beans sprout, etc. It’s a must during your internship in Chengdu if you are a fan of Baozi!

Average price:2 RMB   Add: No. 33 HongJiXin Road


  1. HongJiZhong Road Station宏济中路站– PONYTAIL GIRL (马尾女孩)

It’s one of the best places to have brunch during your internship in Chengdu. It Mainly serves brunch and coffee. White decoration theme, spiral staircase, rose and floor glass, constitutes a fresh and quiet dinning environment. It’s also good option for many girls who prefer vegetables rather than meats.

Average price: 54元 / Price: 54 RMB

Add: No. 34 HongJi Xin Road


  1. Haijiaoshi Dong Street Station (海椒市东街站)/ WenJiFuMiao Rice with Bean Soup(温记府庙豆汤饭)

They dedicated to making rice with bean soup from the owner’s father generation for more than 50 years. If you got bored of hot pot or strong taste dishes during your internship in Chengdu, come here and try something new!

Average price:27RMB

Add: No. 60 HaiJiaoShi Street


Bus No.1087, the bus that foodies must take during the internship in China!