Be vegan or vegetarian while doing your international internship in China sometimes can be very hard. Everybody who is vegan or vegetarian knows the problem of getting a meal without meat or animal products while being for an international internship in China. You are in the restaurant and want to order something. The typical reactions of the waiters: “We also have chicken.” (doesn’t seem to be considered as meat), “In this meal, there is only a little meat” (I just said, I don’t eat meat…) or “We have tomato and eggs” (No, not again!).

But there is no need, to start to be desperate as there are a lot of food alternatives for vegetarian or vegan interns in Chengdu. In this article, we will introduce a few of these for you.

  1. Vegan hotpot at the Sumi Vegetarian Restaurant

Sumi Vegetarian 2Most of the people probably will connect hotpot mainly withy two things – spicy and meaty. The Sumi Vegetarian Restaurant located in the south of the city is a real alternative for that. Instead of a spicy broth with bunches of meat like in a normal hotpot restaurant, this restaurant only serve very light broths made out of tea as well as vegetables and meat replacements. The central idea of the restaurant is health and relaxation. And this is not only mediated by the light hotpot, but also by the relaxing traditional Chinese furniture of the restaurant, so it’s the best day after a long hard working day during your internship in China.

Sumi VegetarianThe name of the restaurant is a little misleading, as the served food is not only vegetarian but in fact completely vegan. The best way to reach the restaurant is going by taxi as it’s a little more outside in the south.

And here is the address you can show to the taxi driver:

素弥铜鼎素食料理        成汉中路185号新街里二街2033号


  1. Vegan food and real vegan cakes at the Yusu Gequan Restaurant 御素阁全自助餐厅

Yusu Gequan cakeThis vegan restaurant is located in the near of the Tianfu Square. They also run a bakery at the same time with the best vegan tortes and cakes you have been ever eating and guaranteed without any milk or egg. They also deliver your vegan birthday torte at home. The best way to get there is to take the subway line 1, to get out at Tianfu Square and go to this restaurant by food.

The address is:

御素阁全自助餐厅        青年路67号蜀农大酒店4楼(九龙广场对面)


  1. Pusuzhai Restaurant (朴素斋) at the Polycenter

Pusuzhai RestaurantThe Polycenter is not only a place to enjoy the nightlife in Chengdu, but is also a place to enjoy delicious and affordable vegan food during the daytime. The restaurant is simply furnished in a bright wooden style, but the taste of the food not simple at all and guaranteed animal friendly. The restaurant is located right next to the Irish pub at the entrance of the Polycenter building A.

The address is the following:    朴素斋         成都武侯区锦绣路1号保利中心附32号


  1. The Zaozishu Vegetarian Restaurant (枣子树素餐厅) at Luomashi

The Zaozishu Vegetarian Restaurant in the near of the Luomashi station (骡马市) of the subway line 1 is located inside of a tower building in the 4th floor and one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Chengdu. The restaurant is a little more fancy and the prices are also a little higher, but a visit is worthwhile anyway.

Here is the address:




5. The Ye’er Yuan Restaurant (葉兒缘素食茶餐厅) at the Peoples Park

Is there anything better than close the day by having a nice vegan meal after discovering the People’s Park and the area of Kuanzhai Alley in Chengdu during your international internship? No, there isn’t. And for this reason, you can not miss this simple restaurant with it’s delicious food and it’s moderate prices under any circumstances. The restaurant is located right next to the exit D3 of the Peoples Park (人民公园) station of the subway line 2.

Here is the address.

葉兒缘素食茶餐厅     青羊区少城路33号(乐堂KTV旁)


This list is only giving a small idea about vegan and vegetarian food alternatives in Chengdu and of course there are still a lot of more restaurants. So what are you waiting for? Do your international internship in China and discover the vegan culinary world of Chengdu!