The best way to know Chinese culture is to celebrate festivals with the locals! Dragon boat festival is coming in a few days and it can be a good opportunity for international interns in China to explore Chinese culture.


What do people eat at Dragon Boat Festival?

As a special day to commemorates the death of a great poet and minister – Qu Yuan, It’s a very important traditional festival in China. I believe you have heard a lot of stories about Qu yuan before coming to China for an internship. So, today we are going to talk more about the food we eat at “Dragon Boat Festival” – “zongzi”.

What’s zongzi made of?

Zongzi is made of glutinous rice studded with different fillings and wrapped with bamboo or other large flat leaves.  Interns in China also called “zongzi” as sticky rice dumplings. They are cooked by steaming or boiling after wrapping with flat leaves. The flavor of zongzi is varied from the city. The fillings of zongzi could be all kinds of food, such as red beans, mushroom, salted meat, sausage, and yolk, etc.

Where to find “zongzi” in Chengdu

Zongzi can be easily found in Chengdu. Every supermarket and every bakery start selling Zongzi, such as Andersen, Holiland, Wal-Mart, and so on.  Besides supermarket and bakeries, there are also some local stores sell homemade Zongzi. Ma’an East Road is the place where most Chengdu people buy Zongzi. To ensure the freshness and quality of Zongzi, merchants make Zongzi at the scene. You can stand on the side and watch them while they are making zongzi.


As Chengdu is famous for spicy food, spicy zongzi is a must for interns. No matter you are doing an internship in a hotel or company in China, your colleagues will prepare you some zongzi or invite you to eat zongzi together during dragon boat festival.

Doing a paid internship in China, will be a great chance for you to be immersed in the Chinese culture, you will be working with Chinese coworkers on a daily basis and have the opportunity to make friends with them even after working hours- kind of experience you will never have in the Europe!