In your country you were use to go to music festivals? Or in a bar to listen to some local artist? Well don’t worry in Chengdu you’ll be able to enjoy live concert during your internship in China!

And if you’re yourself a musician! Don’t worry that you’ll quickly find your family here! Depending of your genre!

So let’s start for the actual exposing musical genre in China and all around the world. I’ll summarize with a maybe too basic and generic word Electronic music. You’ll be able to meet DJs at every corner of the street and obviously in all the clubs you might go like the Jellyfish, Tiga , TAG. So this part is for all of you who likes the EDM scene and all those genres! And of course for all the partiers! Sometimes it happens that pool parties are organized, or even parties in some apartments where a DJs will obviously be there to animate the party.

If you’re really a fan of this kind of music and you’re a DJ yourself let me inform you that sometimes for some bars, a DJ is just someone with a playlist that will do some fade In and Fade out between the songs.

Then you want some more acoustic concert with some real instruments! Don’t worry musician will never disappear. But they are more free and you can meet them a bit in different places! Maybe some place like the shamrock on Friday night will invite some band to play and just after you’ll have a DJ this way you have a bit of both! Places like the bookworm have every night a solo artist performing and for some event you can have a Special concert, like discovering Tibetan music for example! Or a French night where you’ll hear all the classical of French music culture. The Mac Elroys will offer you more Rock concert. And to be honest all the bar areas are often at night having a band performing. And if you’re looking for concerts with a real scene you have the little space bar. Where you can have concert of everything and even some bigger artist from abroad comes to play here like the French band IZIA that is well known in their country.

You like to JAM? There’s 2 places I can recommend you: the second Machupichu bar close to Sichuan Gymnasium and the Jah bar which is close from the river and the JinJiang hotel subway stop. There’s often open mics in the machupichu every Thursday for example. And for the jah bar you just need to go after 22:00 and then let’s see what kind of music you and the other musicians will create.

If you want to earn some more money and do what you love it’s easy to get that opportunity here in China! But you better have a repertoire of Covers because this is what they want to hear, not necessarily your original songs except if you’re with your full band and that you can offer 1 show here to be the special event of the bar.

There’s one last place you need to know as musician! It’s the Sichuan conservatory (四川音乐院). Many well-known Chinese singers and musician are coming from that school ! If you have any Chinese friend from that school note that you’ll be able to experience and discover more about Chinese music and more particularly Chinese traditional music. I highly recommend you to go there at least one, because it’s as well around that area that you have all the instrument shops! So if you want some stuff for your guitar, bass, drum, Er Hu, guzheng? This is where you need to go! To go there you can take the subway until Sichuan gymnasium and then take the bus 12 or 72 that goes to the east. You can go down at the second stop from where you took the bus.

So music lover you know what to do now during your free time!