While doing an internship in China, you must not miss the big shopping day just passed weeks ago – the double 11. It was really a crazy shopping day, even probably be the world’s biggest online shopping event.

How does the Singles day become the biggest shopping festival?

The “double 11”, November,11th., is China’s Singles day in the past. It was started by college students in China in the 1990s as an alternative to Valentine’s Day for people without partners, and the timing was based on “11.11,” representing four singles.

It was only a small party, an underground youth holiday, among Chinese young people at first, how did it became a shopping day then? As online shopping has become more and more popular since 2009, especially as the biggest online store Alibaba has grown stronger with cooperating with more brands, the online shopping platform offers many discounts on double 11. This sale mode was definitely successful which inspired more ecommerce platforms like JD to seek this big sale opportunity in 2010.

From then on, the singles day has became a shopping day for the whole China. If your major is not in business filed, you will not be able to imagine the potential of the China market.


Baopals – Shopping guide for internship in China

Most of our interns in China would complain that shopping online was a hassle because they had to ask Chinese friends for help to buy things on Taobao. The reason is that Taobao`s website is all in Chinese, which is definitely not friendly to foreigners in China. In this case, one person who stayed in China for more than ten years launched a website, which solved foreigners` problem of shopping online

Baopals means a“friend of Taobao”, but it’s not a company owned by Alibaba. This website collects data from Alibaba &Tmall and then translates into English. Meanwhile, it also gives a score for each product and recommends something cool and amazing. Accordingly, it increased the service charge by 5 percent for each product. Now, it is helping foreign brands and sellers get into the China market based on Taobao and Tmall. With Baopals, you can start your finally enjoy shopping online during your internship in China!


Many international interns changed their shopping habits after coming to China as it’s not possible to resist such a convenient way of online shopping!


Many products on Taobao and Tmall not only have good price but also be interesting and amazing. If you are doing internship in China, when you are hesitating where to buy a gift and what to buy for your family and friends, it would be a good choice to take a look on Baopals, where offers so many good things than you can imagine, and I still remember that one of our interns from Morocco told me she spent more than 1000 RMB online for gifts not long ago!