Last Sunday, we took our new intern Sebastian to go around Chengdu city. Sebastian comes from Denmark. He just arrived Chengdu a few days ago, and will do hospitality internship in Intercontinental Global Center, the biggest free building in Asia.

Doing an internship in China was a dream for Sebastian. He is curious about Chinese culture and wants to start a new career in China. When he first know this paid internship program in China, he applied it immediately.


Sebastian’s Internship hotel: Intercontinental Global Center

We arrived at Sebastian’s internship hotel on Sunday morning. I have to say that the Global Center is really big. If you want walk around this building, it might take nearly 1 hour. The unique structure features the concept of “Flying Sea Gulls, Floating Whales and Waves.” 

 As for the hotel, Intercontinental Global Center features 990 luxury rooms and suites, elegantly furnished with local designs, contemporary fittings and spacious balconies. We had some breakfast in the lobby. It was quite in the lobby. Several people was drinking coffee in the restaurant and some stuffs were busying with picking up someone.


Hanging around at Chunxi Road and eating dumplings

The transportation to Intercontinental Global Center to Chunxi Road, the city center, is very convenient. After having breakfast, we went downstairs to take the subway to Chunxi Road. There are many shopping malls and luxury stores at Chunxi Road, you can buy almost everything here during your internship in China. Usually, it’s really crowded on the weekend. There’s a climbing panda statue at the top of IFS. This is one of symbols of Chengdu.


We took photos with the panda statue and then had lunch at a traditional Chinese restaurant. The restaurant is famous for dumplings. We ordered Chinese noodles, dumplings and some other snacks. This was the first time for Sebastian to eat Chinese traditional food, he was so excited and fell in love with dumplings at once.



Panda base: A must for all of international interns in China.

As we all know, Chengdu is the hometown of pandas. If you are doing internship in China, it will be a must. After having lunch, we took metro to Panda base. Getting off the metro at Xiongmao Avenue and taking a delivery bus , then we arrived at the gate of Panda base. There were many people gathered at the gate and waited to see the lovely babies. We bought the tickets and hurried to wait in line.

Panda base looked like a park, it was surrounded by many trees and bamboo. There was a long and winding path leading up to the pandas’ house. We looked through the map and decided to go to adult giant panda enclosure first. There were a lot of people taking photos outside the guardrail. Some pandas were lying down and eating bamboo. While others were sleeping. Several pandas were even sleeping on the tree! They were so naughty!


After having a one day trip in Chengdu, we were very tired but happy. Do you want to join us? If you are interested in doing internship in China, don’t hesitate to apply for a paid internship program in China. SII team will wait for you here in Chengdu all the time