When you are doing an internship in China, you might have a chance to meet some girls or boys who wear vintage clothing on the street or in the subway station. What’s that? The clothes are so elegant and gorgeous.


Learn More About History of Hanfu during Your Internship in China

 Today we are going to introduce a special clothing that you will see in Chengdu. As we all know, Chengdu is an ancient city with more than 2600-year history. Therefore, it’s very common to see people dress in an ancient costume called Hanfu.

Hanfu is the traditional clothing of the Han Chinese (Han the predominant ethnic group of China). It’s a significant cultural symbol of Chinese civilization, and it has a long history for nearly 5000 years since China originally began.


In general, people wear fashion and suitable clothing in their daily life, but for some important occasions like wedding ceremonies, some young people choose Hanfu as their wedding dresses.Still, young people especially young girls wear Hanfu in their daily life because Hanfu make them become a beautiful fairy.

There are many small ancient towns in Chengdu, if you have an internship in China, don’t miss the opportunity to wear Hanfu to travel around in these ancient towns and explore the Chinese ancient culture!


The differences of East Asian National Costumes 

Many East Asian national costumes, such as Japanese Kimono, Korean Hanbok still shared the basic style of Hanfu. When you see Hanfu next time in Chengdu during your internship, don’t call it Japanese Kimono or Korean Hanbok


Hanfu has many patterns, such as Ruqun, Shenyi, Zhiduo and so on. Generally,  women wear Rnqun. When the collars is like the lettle “y” ,we called it Jiaolingruqun. If the collar like the letter “11”, we called it Duijinruqun.


On some important ceremonies such as Chinese festivals or weddings people usually wear Shenyi. When the edge is bent, we call it Quju while the edge is straight called Zhiju. Shenyi is suitable for all genders.


If you are interested in Chinese culture, don’t miss the chance of wearing Hanfu because it contains thousands of years’ wisdom and accumulation of Chinese culture. Imagine when you have internship in Chengdu, you are wearing Hanfu and walking on the street of millennium ancient capital, there’s nothing more wonderful than this.