Weekends are coming again. It’s time to put aside your work and make plan for the place to go and get relaxed from the internship!

Ancient treasures from Afghanistan
Afghanistan is an old and mysterious country. Chengdu Museum will help an exhibition of Afghan treasures from third century BC to first century AD, summing to 231. It gives a full view of ancient Afghan which you cannot miss during your internship in China!

Time: 2018.02.01-05.06
Venue: Exhibition Hall No.1, First Floor, Chengdu Museum
Address: 1 Xiaohe Street, Chengdu

Appreciating Peach Blossoms- Feel the spring in China during your internship!
Jinli is one of the best places appreciate peach Blossoms in Chengdu. Smell the intoxicating aroma and placing yourself in the field where the petals fall, you can feel the breath of spring and when it breezing.

Time: any sunny day in spring
Address: No. 231, Wuhouci Street

Kobito Is Coming- if you are a fan of the Japanese cartoon, do not miss the exhibition of Kobito while doing your internship in Chengdu.

Kobito, a cartoon character from Japan, is coming! It’s neither an animal nor a plant. It is an extraordinary creature. It can only be found by people with pure heart. It’s good opportunity to have a date with Japanese kobito during your internship in China!


Time: 2018.02.01-03.25
Ticket Price: 39/60 RMB
Address: The MixC, 8 Shuangqing Road,Chengdu

You will never feel boring for your Internship China experience because of the various events and activities all year around!