The National Holiday is coming soon! This holiday is the longest holiday you can enjoy besides the Spring festival. You will have totally 7 days’ holiday from October 1st to October 7th during your internship in China. It’s a good chance to travel around China. If you don’t want to go too far from Chengdu but go to a place that you can experience traditional culture and natural scenery, Yunnan province will my first recommendation to all foreign interns in Chengdu.


Yunnan province-beautiful and colorful place

The word “Yunnan” means the beautiful clouds in the southwest, it’s known as “World garden” and “kingdom of animals”. There are about 30,000 kinds of plants as well as numerous rare animals living in Yunnan. Yunnan is also a densely populated area of minorities. This province has a total of 52 ethnic minorities. With the most ethnic minorities in China, Yunnan owns rich and colorful ethnical culture which you can highly enjoy during your internship in China.

Kunming city- excellent climate and scenery for interns in China

Kunming city is the capital of Yunnan. It’s located at 6500 feet above sea level off the northern shore of the lake Dian. The altitude makes Kunming pleasantly cool all the year round, so it is called “spring city”. It is well known for its diverse cultures, breath-taking natural scenery and pleasant climate.


Tourist attraction: Dian lake, Western Hills Forest Park, Yunnan wild animals park, Golden temple, Yuan tong Hill Park, Yunnan nationalities Village, Grand view park

Old town Dali- The most charming city in China

In some famous martial art fictions and legends, Dali is an ideal place for many people to live in seclusion. Its long history, diversified culture, splendid scenery and strong ethnic customs attracts people from ancient to modern times. This city is around 338 kilometers away from Kunming. It’s the major region where the Bai nationality live. If you are the person who likes peaceful and beautiful scenery, I believe you will fall in love with this town. You will find a new lifestyle here during your internship in China.


Tourist attraction: The ancient city, The Erhai Lake, Cangshan Snow mountain

There are many other tourist attractions in Yunnan province like Lijiang old city, Xishuangbanna and Xiang ge li la are also famous for its special culture. Make a plan and enjoy your 7 days’ holiday  to relax from your internship in China, you will find a new lifestyle.