Having a great internship experience sometimes can be more valuable than the academic background of a renewed university. Having an internship abroad which supports your skill sets can make international students stand out from others. However, for students or graduates who have a limited budget, it may be a bit hard to conduct an internship abroad. Check out the following tips to get ready to your cost-effective internship!


  1. Choose a city with a lower daily expense.

Chengdu is a rapid developing city,providing many best opportunities for international interns to boost their career goals. Moreover, it’s much more friendly and cheap than other major cities in China which make it easy for interns to make new friends and live on a low budget.


  1. Finding a paid internship

One of the most effective way to control your costs of an international internship is to find a paid internship. A reasonable internship salary can help you cover a big portion of your daily expense in China. However, it’s always more difficult to find a paid internship. Therefore, you may need the help of a cost-effective internship agency which cannot only save time but also offer you more opportunities.



  1. Find the right website to book your flights and book it early.

Kuanzhai AlleyBooking the flight earlier on the right website like booking.com” or “studentuniverse.com” can make your traveling more efficiently. Also, you can check with the host company in China as they hire western interns every year they may know some places to book cheap tickets. As a big share of your internship costs, it deserves some more time and patience.


  1. Comparing the cost of insurance

As a mandatory thing of an internship in China, insurance deserves more attention of every intern. There are many options of insurance for international interns. For example, travel insurance, medical insurance, etc. Instead of choosing a very expensive one, interns can choose the most suitable insurance as long as it can cover your internship duration in China.


5.Get food recommendations from the localsSnacks

While doing an internship in China, you might be busy everyday with work, hanging out with friends, etc. Therefore, going out to eat is the quickest and most convenient way to operate. However, it can cost your travel budget very quickly too. Trying to get recommendations from your Chinese friends of the good local restaurants can help you find the authentic delicacies at a cheap price!


  1. Learn to use the public transportation

Don’t be afraid of getting lost in China! Interns can try to start with the metro because it’s easy to find the metro station in every 1mile in Chengdu. The guideline and logo are in both Chinese and English. You can easily reach almost every tourist attraction in a real cheap way!


  1. Avoid Tourist Traps

China is totally a new world for many international students. With countless tourist attracting or amazing places to check out, you may need to pay a lot for the tickets. Therefore, it’s better not to get suckered into a lot of things around them. Try to avoid paying double or even triple for the souvenirs.


There are plenty of ways to control the budget of your international internship while still having an amazing time. Why not spend money strategically to have an even more amazing adventure in China?