The Spring Festival is coming!!! It’s the most important festival for Chinese people. People will take a vacation about 1-2 weeks. It’s a time for reunion, so it’s a great time for expats who’s doing internship in China to travel to avoid the crowd. In most of Chinese areas, now it’s in winter, but if you miss summer and wish to get more sunshine, Sanya city will be an excellent choice for your Spring Festival vacation! Bring your T shirt, short pants and swimsuit to Sanya!


1.Wuzhizhou island tourist area, its a must for your tour in China!

Wuzhizhou island Located in Haitang Bay, it’s a must for tropical island tour. There are more than 30 kinds of diving entertainments, bring tourists an original, tranquil, romantic and stylish leisure experience. The island is covered with mountains, the sea is clean and the sand is soft.

This island is also the film location of Feng Xiaogang’s film “Private Custom”. A row of romantic viewing seats near the sea is now become one of the most popular attractions in Wuzhizhou.


2.Yalong Bay- The best Bay in China

Yalong Bay located in the south east of Sanya, 28km away from Sanya. It is known as “the best bay in China”, it’s a good place to relax, enjoy food, and experience water entertainments during your internship in China. With a 7000-meter silver-white beach, the sand on Yalong Bay is delicate, the sea water is clean and transparent, and corals can be seen clearly. The water temperature in winter can reach 20 ℃, and you can swim in the water all year round. The five-star luxury hotels like Continental, Sheraton, St.Regis, Hilton are surrounded by the bay.

3.The romantic attraction – The Remotest Corners of the Globe

The attraction is famous for two stones named “Tianya”and “Haijiao” (The End of the World and Cape). They have been regarded as a symbol of love and one of the landmark landscapes of Sanya. There are many rocks in various shapes on the beach. Many rocks are engraved with ancient and modern celebrities. If you go to Sanya during your internship in China, this attraction will be a must for your trip.

China is very big, there are a lot of places to go in Winter during your internship in China. Different areas have different views. if you like snow, you can go to Harbin and have fun in Snow castle, if you like beach, you can lie down on the beach and enjoy sunshine in Sanya, if you like modern and international city, you can take a walk in Shanghai or Beijing to see the first tier city in China. We are waiting for you to explore!