When thinking of Chengdu, the first word comes to your mind must be ‘hotpot’ or ‘panda’.  As a popular tourist destination for foreigners, many western-style coffee shops were also opened around the town in recent years. There are a few recommendations for amazing coffee shops that you should try when you do an internship in Chengdu!

You can‘t miss ‘Five Elephant’ while doing internships abroad

Five Elephant is a German brand and surprisingly, this shop opens its one and only branch outside of Berlin in Chengdu. Five Elephant is the first specialty coffee shop in Chengdu. Kris Schackman, the co-owner of this Cafe said they chose to open this coffee shop in the old district of Chengdu where you can see the traditional local cultural of Chengdu, instead of locating in the high-end shopping district area.

One of our German intern went this shop and fell in love with ‘Five Elephant’. He said this is the best coffee shop he’s ever been during his internship in China. Such a place will make you miss the taste of home.


Address: Shuang Qiao Road No. 151, Chenghua District, Chengdu, China

Tel: 028-64637466

Opening Hours: 10am-7pm

Price: 35 RMB/coffee

Let’s Grind Fresh Roasted Coffee—Best Pour-over café in town for international internships

This is a small but warm coffee shop in Tangba Street and now It has two branches in other two different districts in Chengdu. The original little shop was regarded as the best pour-over coffee shop in Chengdu for a long time. Its owner, Gao Shilin has represented China in the World Barista Championships and of course,he is the most professional barista in Chengdu. The pour-over coffee is served in two ways; over ice and steaming hot. Some foreign interns who had business internships in Chengdu before really love this shop’s cakes and single origin espresso from Guatemala. People who like Let’s Grind’s coffee, in addition to drinking in the store, can also buy their own brand of coffee beans to take away.

Address: 39 Tangba Street, Jingjiang District,Chengdu,China (Original one)


Opening Hours: 08:30am-7pm

Price: 30 RMB/coffee

These two are my favorite cafés in Chengdu that reminds me the days in UK. Go find a weekend afternoon to get your caffeine fix and possibly more while doing an internship in Chengdu.