I believe that many students who want to have an internship in China are interested in learning Chinese language or culture. The United Nations released a rank of the ten most difficult language in the world. Chinese is on the top of the rank. How to make it easier to learn Chinese? Doing an internship in China and a right book will be very helpful! Do you have difficulties in choosing an appropriate book for your Chinese study?  Check out the options as following!

发展汉语(Developing Chinese

This is a series of national planning teaching materials which published by Beijing Language and Culture University press. This series suitable for students at all stages because it’s divided into Elementary course, intermediate course and advance course. Every stage has comprehensive, speaking and listening course which can help you in all aspects. It’s a teaching materials used by many universities. This set of book is meticulous and rigorous. If you want to learn Chinese comprehensively, you can choose this one.

Where to buy: Amazon / Taobao

Price: 50-70 RMB each book

博雅汉语(Boya Chinese

Boya Chinese is a Chinese excellent textbook compiled by a group of outstanding teachers from Peking University. These teachers have long been engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in the new century. They used the structure, situation and function theory in contexts and to help students learn the basic knowledge of language in an interesting way. This series also have elementary, intermediate and advance course for students in China. After learning elementary course, you can basically reach the level 3 of HSK.

Where to buy: Amazon / Taobao

Price: 50-75 RMB each book


汉语口语速成(Short-term Spoken Chinese

This series of books has 5 levels for short-term foreign students in China. It’s really helpful for you during your internship. It is a set of teaching materials focus on oral communication skills. If you are not a person who cares about reading, writing and grammar, it will be a good choice for you.

The whole set of textbooks has a remarkable effect in short – term Chinese learning, and the explanation of grammar is fine and practical. It is close to the practical use of Chinese life. The threshold has two volumes which are suitable for zero-based. The elementary book is suitable for learners with preliminary listening and speaking ability, simple sentence patterns in Chinese and about 800 vocabulary.

Where to buy: Amazon / Taobao

Price: 28-40 RMB each book

The most difficult part for foreign learners is the characters and tones. The only way to overcome it is to speak more and practice more. Besides, the best way to learn Chinese is to work, Study or do an internship in China,, which can put you in a Chinese language environment and bring you more opportunities to learn and to speak!