The best way to experience Chinese culture is to enjoy the Chinese New Year with the locals. Chinese culture is not something you read in a magazine about you any longer- As an intern in China, you can really feel it and touch it firsthand. Let’s see what is it all about :

Things you don’t know about Chinese New Year before doing an internship in China:

  1. The Legend of Chinese New Year to share with your friends when getting back home from your international internship.

A long time ago, there was a big scary beast named “Nian”. He will eat animals and even people when hungry. All the villagers were suffered from it until one day they found “Nian” afraid of fire, red things, fireworks and noise. So, they set off firecrackers, lit all the lamps and decorated their houses in red, paste red paper on the doors, wear red clothing, hang up red lanterns. Made loud music, play the song and drums and they dance and burn the fireworks whenever Nian was about to arrive, to scare away the beast.

This eventually becomes a tradition of China to the celebration for another year of safe and happy life.

  1. To celebrate Chinese New Year as a local people.

(1) New year goods preparing

new year goods

Chinese new year goods

People begin to prepare the New Year goods about one month before the Spring Festival, and on the shopping list are food, fruit, flowers, sweets and cookies, and various items for decoration, including New Year couplets.

Home-made sausage and bacon are delicacies and play an important role for the New Year reunion banquet as well. One of the best things for you to do during your internship in China must be celebrating Chinese New Year with your Chinese friends and not miss the best food in China when you are invited to celebrate the festival by your friend’s family.

(2) House cleaning and paste spring couplets

Before the New Year, all the family would give their house a good spring cleaning and decorated it for the spring festival.

Sticking grilles and pasting new year pictures while the red paper with the Chinese character “fu” (福, means happiness) and a pair of couplets with auspicious words are the must. But all of interns who learn Chinese maybe wondering why all the Chinese make the mistake “the paper with “fu” is put on the door upside down”? Now you can find the reason yourself.

(3) New Year’s Eve dinner.

New Year's Eve dinner

New Year’s eve dinner

As the most important festival in China, it would last 15days.People who study, work, live far away will come back to their hometowns and gather in a warm house to enjoy the New Year’s Eve dinner while watching Spring Festival Gala. It’s a time when all family members get together. So, if you are missing your family during internship, do not forget to give a phone call to your parents to send you care and love.


(4) Preparing “hongbao” (the red envelope) for kids or people you love. It represents good luck and blessing.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. You can prepare some “hongbao” for friends or colleges you met in your internship company. It must be one of the best gift you gave them for Chinese new!

Enjoy your spring festival in China and happy Chinese new year!