During your internship in China, you might have the chance to have a quick look at chinese phones and realized that they have plenty of applications! Let us introduce you to the application is important for you to know and that you might use a lot!

  1. We chat/ 微信(weixin)

wechatThis is the application you ABSOLUTELY need! Like in western countries you need messenger or what’s app. This is exactly the same thing. With We chat you’ll be able to communicate with all your Chinese friends and as well the other foreigners! Everybody use it. Other things you can do with we chat is add for exemple the pizza delivery account in your friend and order your pizza through We chat! You can as well pay with your phone! And if you want to keep in touch with all your Chinese friend even after coming back to your country or communicate more easily with your Chinese friend of your country they’ll be happy to know that you have we chat!

You can check the actuality of your friend by checking your wechat moment! This is a most private version of the facebook actuality as ou might not be able to see the people who likes the picture of your friend unless you know them. And you can’t know the identity of the person as well if they comment the picture and you might not even know they commented the pic! But here you can only check your friend info.

  1. 百度地图 Bai du di tu / Baidu map

In china remember that google is not welcome! So no google map! But Baidu map Is exactly the same! So if you need to find your way you can use this application! Sometimes your friend might send you their localization with their we chat, the map used is of course baidu. So one thing you can even do from the beginning once your in china is to change your main internet research tool for baidu.

  1. 微博Weibo

weiboYou miss your facebook/twitter wall where you use to follow your favorite artist, the journal and of course could see pictures of everybody and everything? Don’t worry Weibo is here! And that’s why Chinese don’t need facebook or twitter. If you want to go further than the Wechat moment, you can then get Weibo! It will be the new app you’ll spend hours to check what is going on and then realize that you should go to sleep!

  1. 优酷Youku

youkuThis is the Chinese youtube! You’ll be able to watch some tv series even from your country there! You can watch everything for free but if you really want to watch the last episode of Game of thrones that came out yesterday then you’ll have to pay to be able to be between the first to watch the show!

  1. 淘宝Taobao

This one will become your best friend(or enemy of your wallet). It’s like amazon! You buy everything you might need on that website! And for really cheap! Note that you can even use Taobao in your countries! So this application might even follow you more than the others once you come back home.

  1. 美团 Mei tuan/ 大众点评 Da zhong Dian ping

meituanThose two applications have the same purpose! Reserve in advance your Ticket to watch Captain america : Civil war, your hotel room for your next trip, your next KTV night or your next meal in restaurant. You can as well through those apps order food for your house. And all that for a cheaper price. I advise you to use more Mei Tuan as the discount you can find here are maybe even better than the one you’ll fine in Da Zhong Dian Ping! You can then pay with your mobile phone! But if you want to pay with cash once you’re in the place, it will be mentioned on the app, but generally everything is paid directly with your phone in advance.

  1. 滴滴didi

This is the chinese version of Uber. Taxi is already kind of cheap, but this is even cheaper and you’ll be in better cars. Keep in your phone the address written in Chinese of your place and learn how to say it as well. Here again you can pay directly in advance with your phone or pay by cash on the car. So you just have to check what are the cars that are around you and send your position to one of them in order for them to pick you up. If they can’t see you they might call you.