Have you fascinated by Chinese culture but find it difficult to get involved in Chinese people? Watching local Chinese drama would be an optimal choice to have a better understanding of the recent trends in China and generate more topics with your Chinese colleagues during your internships in China. Every two or three months, there would be an extremely popular Chinese drama that leads to a wide range of discussions and even creates ‘new words’ within the youth, and thus it is quite interesting when you know where it comes from. The following lists are some fascinating Chinese drama for you to get started and more deeply involved in ‘Chinese new culture’.

1.Day and Night

During your internship in China, Day and Night would be my top recommendation for people who want a first try of Chinese drama. Day and Night is a detective drama series, and it is also the first Chinese online drama series that distributed via Netflix to western countries. It is had been widely reckoned as the best crime drama of 2017, with more than 4 billion views on Youku website. This drama starts with an unsolved murder, and the highlight of the story is that the suspect and the policeman are twins with identical faces. In order to eliminate suspicion of brother, these twins work together to search for truth.


2.Empresses in the Palace

If you have started your internship in China, you might notice that your Chinese friends often mention some new words like ‘the scarlet red’ when making jokes. These words probably come from this drama. Empresses in the Palace is a Chinese ancient costume drama, which mainly focuses on the Palace lives of female in the Qing dynasty and their imperial-harem struggles. The stories are complex and extremely focused on details, and thus it only suitable for advanced Chinese culture lovers.


3.Nirvana in Fire

Besides your internship hours, I recommend you to have a look at Nirvana in Fire, which helps you better understand the magic of Chinese and the art of conspiracy. The story revolves around a male character named Mei, who had been through ups and downs during his teens. After several years, Mei returned to his country to avenge and try to eliminate the injustices within the country as a strategic adviser of the royal.




Watching Chinese drama would help you better understand recent trends and Chinese culture, as well as practicing your Chinese. Remember to share your experience of viewing these dramas with your intern colleagues, they would definitely be surprised!