When considering having an internship in China, what do you care most? The traffic? The food? The people? Or the safety? Among these factors, the last thing you need to worry about is safety. Chinese people are usually enthusiastic, especially people in Chengdu. Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province which is developing rapidly and became international and inclusive. It’s a magic city which will make you feel like home.


The first impression of Chengdu city during your internship in China

The first impression of Chengdu for most interns is that people here are so enthusiastic. If you get lost, don’t be afraid to ask people around you, just explain them your questions, and they will guide you a right way. Don’t hesitate to ask them, sometimes they are just too shy to communicate with you first.

Life in Chengdu is leisure. I believe you have heard about Chengdu is known for “slow pace of life”. It’s definitely true. People have various entertainments here. There’s an old saying in China that if you go for a walk after dinner you will live for 100 years. If you go for a walk at a summer night after dinner, you will see a picture of real “Chengdu” life: there are some couples whispering on the bench, people in sporty gear running around the park, young singers singing leisurely and the most interesting thing is the dancers – dancing on the ground with passionate music. The dancing remains a ritual that organically arises from communities. It’s a representation of Chinese spirit: happiness and optimistic.

Some safety tips you should know before heading on an internship in China.

You can go out even at midnight during your internship in China but you’d better not to do so no matter where you are. I tell you this not because Chengdu is not safe enough but you have to be careful to protect yourself in a foreign country and ensure a happy and secure journey. Here are some tips for you.


Scan a copy of your passport: When you arrive at a new country, scan a copy of your passport, email it to yourself and take a photo to save in your cell phone. In this way, if you forget to bring passport when you need it, you’ll have all the details of it.


Don’t eat too much spicy food: Sichuan cuisine is focus on color, smell, taste and shape. Spicy food is our specialty. Peppery taste can be divided into prickly & peppery, salty & peppery and slight peppery. If you have never eaten spicy food, you’d better have slight peppery first or you may get stomachache.


Save emergency numbers: Save the emergency numbers about the police, hospital, and fire. And Save the phone number of your nearest police station so that you can get help at once in case something emergency happens during your internship in China.


Nowadays, there are many foreigners choose Chengdu as their ideal city to study, do business or conduct an internship not only because it is safe, but also a great city for Internship experience.