During your internship in Chengdu, there is plenty of activities you can do during the week-end. Getting bored in this big city is very difficult. But if you spend a long time in China for your internship experience, it might happen that some week-ends, you don’t really know what to do, or the weather is just not really good so you are not motivated to go outside.

Even if on sunny days you must privilege to visit the Panda Base, sometimes it may be raining. And, instead of staying at home watching a movie, I would recommend you to spend some time in the Chengdu Museum!

The Chengdu Museum is a huge building located next to Tianfu Square, in the city center. The building itself is modern art! And if you are not interested in museums, it would at least worth it to go past the building and admire its architecture. But I am pretty sure after seeing the way it is modernly constructed, you will only have one desire: to get into it.

You will discover 4,000 years of Sichuan Art throughout 5 floors of expositions. Its collection includes ceramics, bronze sculptures or Chinese puppets (you should go to take a look!). Also, it is very interesting as each exhibition focuses on a specific Chinese dynasty, with some interactive exhibits and scenic reconstructions of old Chinese lifestyle.

And even if you are tired after a whole week doing your internship, you will enjoy moving around the impressive exhibits that offers the Chengdu Museum.

If you stay a long time in Chengdu for doing your internship, and that you have already visited every site you really wanted to, it is also enriching to visit some cultural places such as museums. Plus, the Chengdu Museum is totally free, so what about getting cultivated about Chengdu History and Culture without spending money?

It is one way to chill out during your internship in China, but, believe me, there are so many other ways to have fun and discover China’s History and Culture!