Chengdu metro just released that metro line 5, The second phrase of line 10 and tram line 2 will be opened on 27th of December! That’s real exciting news! It marks that the rail transportation in Chengdu breaks through 300 kilometers! There’s no doubt that It will bring great convenience to people’s life in the city, also for expats who are doing their internship in China.


Brief introduction about Chengdu metro line 5

Line 5 is planned to open on the 25th December 2019. It will create an abundance of opportunities for people to access less visited areas and may help businesses located near current metro stops to boom. The new line will improve many people’s daily commute, making it easier and quicker to reach destinations around the city, that may have been a hassle to get too before. The opening of the new line strives to relieve the constant rush and busyness of line 1, as line 5 will connect numerous key residential areas and businesses across the city.

The stops on line 5:

There are a few major stations where passengers can make transfers across different metro lines:
Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital & Chengdu University of TCM &: Transfer with Line 2 and Line 4
Gaoshengqiao: Transfer with Line 3
Huilong: Transfer with Line 6
2nd West Beizhan Road: Transfer with Line 7
Jiuxing Avenue: Transfer with Line 8 and Line 9


The metro in Chengdu was first opened in 2010 and currently has 7 lines operating Line 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 10. The automatic ticket machines are available at each station where passengers can purchase tickets or top up their metro card in Chinese or English. Ticket prices start from 2 yuan for a 0-4km journey up to 10 yuan when going over 50km and more for a return ticket.

Some new changes in new metro line 5 and line 10

  1. Find entrances and exits accurately

The new metro lines added a large sticker at the entrance and exit and logos on the Mitsubishi pillar to make it clearer. You don’t need to worry about telling friends which entrance you are in any more.

  1. Find toilets and accessible facilities quickly

The toilet and barrier-free facilities are added to the entrance and exit signs to clearly inform passengers of the location at this station, so the passengers can find it easily.

  1. Worry-free in and outof the metro

The entrance signs are uniformly set in white color, and the map of the line is set above the ticket machine so passengers can quickly purchase tickets and find the way to train. The exit signs are uniformly set in yellow color, and the station hall is added with a comprehensive information map around the station. Passengers can quickly and accurately choose the exits they need and find the exit path.

Chengdu is developing rapidly. Nowadays, more and more Chinese people from other provinces stay in this city as it has huge attractions because of the slow lifestyle and amount of opportunities. And of course, there are a lot of expats study, work and do internship in Chengdu! We believe the future of Chengdu will be wonderful as the development of transportation.